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A New Metro Game is on the Horizon

A new Metro game is coming in 2017, a recent teaser has revealed over on the official website of the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky in which the games are based on.
metro redux 2

New Metro Redux Screens Show Off Next-gen Improvements.

Last week Deep Silver unveiled Metro Redux, an updated, remastered, latest-generation version of the Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light featuring a much improved dark, grimy world of post-apocalyptic Moscow as well as some advanced gameplay features which will bring the Metro series bundled together for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Deep Silver releases final Metro: Last Light DLC

Deep Silver and 4A Games have released the final DLC for Metro: Last Light. Featuring three solo missions the DLC, titled Chronicles, invites players to step into the shoes of some of the games enduring characters in a gripping plot that runs parallel to the main storyline.

Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC Out Now

Earlier this week Deep Silver announced the Tower Pack DLC for Metro: Last Light which tasks players with fighting their way up through a heavily guarded tower, which is also a virtual combat simulator, confused? Me too.
metro last light

Deep Silver Aims to Keep the Metro Franchise Alive.

After acquiring the Metro IP from THQ for $5.9 million in January this year, Deep Silver almost immediately started work to finish the Metro: Last Light game in time for it's May release. Unsure what's going to happen with the franchise, Deep Silver have confirmed that they'll "absolutely continue with that brand" and hope to make it "more accessible for a broader gamer audience."

Metro: Last Light Surpasses 2033 Sales Within One Week.

Publishers Deep Silver have revealed that their latest release Metro: Last Light has surpassed previous all-time sales of Metro: 2033 after only being on sale a week.

Metro: Last Light Review

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to the Russian Post-Apocalyptic; Metro 2033. Based on the books by Dmitri Glukhovsky, the game takes place in post apocalyptic Moscow, where the surviving humans now live in the haunted mazes of the Moscow metr
metro last light

Metro: Last Light is Surfacing in May

THQ may be no more and the many properties that they owned may be slowly getting picked up by other companies but good news is in the air. Deep Silver who have now owned Metro: Last Light for a few weeks have been able to confirm the multiplatform release for the squeal to the highly successful, post-apocalyptic shooter. If you have been missing your nuclear themed shooters then get ready for May.
metro 2033

Get Metro 2033 on Xbox for Only £5.49

With 2013 only a few months away THQ are preparing for the launch of their next instalment of their post-apocalyptic game Metro: Last Light...

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