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Microsoft is a multinational tech company based in Redmond Washington. They’re the company behind the Windows operating system, Windows phones, as well as Xbox home consoles, the Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

Microsoft to Bring Game Pass, First Party Games to Switch

Rumors have surfaced to suggest that Microsoft is readying a partnership with Nintendo to bring Game Pass and first-party Xbox titles to the Nintendo...

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Tests on Xbox One and Windows 10

The much-anticipated release of Crackdown 3 is only one week away. Therefore testing of the Multiplayer side has now begun.

Xbox Live is Coming to Nintendo Switch, Mobile

Microsoft is teasing that Xbox Live Support will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android bringing Xbox features to other platforms for...
Sea of Thieves Screenshot

Sea of Thieves Update Requires Entire Game Download

Sea of Thieves' next update will require players to download and reinstall the entire game, but it will save you a bit of space. The...

Over 100 Xbox One Backward Compatible Game Added in 2018 Alone

Microsoft released over 100 Xbox One backward compatible titles in 2018, giving some old classics a second wind. “We were on a break!” are historical words...

Microsoft is Rumoured to be Preparing a Digital-only Xbox One

According to reports, Microsoft is working on a new model of Xbox One S that'll have no disc drive and will completely digital.

Crackdown 3 Preloads Go Live, With a Twist

Crackdown 3 has become available to pre-download months before launch on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10, however, there is a slight, eyebrow-raising twist. It's only 100.8MB.

Zedhunter Update hits State of Decay 2 This Week

Microsoft and Undead Labs has announced the Zedhunter Pack the next big update coming to State of Decay 2 later this week.

Microsoft is Making a Controller for Mobiles and Tablets

Prototype images of a supposed controller for mobile and tablets from Microsoft have surfaced, and they're certainly... interesting.
Xbox One Logo

Mouse Support Available for Some Xbox One Preview Players

Mouse Support is now available for a select few members of the Xbox One Preview Program, Microsoft has announced.

Xbox Game Pass to Come to PC says Microsoft

Speaking with investors last week, Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella revealed that Xbox Game Pass will be coming to PC eventually.

Microsoft Could be Close to Buying Obsidian

Obsidian might well be snapped up by Microsoft if rumors are to be believed, although it seems both sides are being a little cryptic...

Microsoft Announces Cloud Streaming Tech, Project xCloud

Microsoft has finally announced details of its cloud-powered streaming technology, now called Project xCloud, which has been in the works for a while now.

Forza Horizon 4 Leak Reveals Halo Themed Mission

Microsoft's latest Forza Horizon instalment has apparently had quite the leak recently. Thanks to Eurogamer and Imgur, the image above shows that we could expect some sort of Halo-themed mission in Forza Horizon 4.

Next Xbox Hardware to Focus on Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has already revealed that they're working on the next generation Xbox, and according to reports, it could be focused on cloud gaming.


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