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Ride 3 Review

Ride 3 is the difficult third album for Milestone's motorcycle franchise. Boasting the most impressive and expansive list of motorcycles and tracks so far, is the title riding the back wheel across the finish line, or fishing its bike out of the gravel?

Ride 3 Showcases Customization in its Latest Trailer

Ride 3 is looking to bring the world's finest two-wheeled machines to life like never before, with more customization than you can shake a...

MXGP Pro Review

MXGP Pro is the latest motocross game from Milestone which is set to have players thrashing through dirt, soaring through jumps, and becoming the ultimate MXGP champion, however, the game falls flatter than a punctured tire.

MotoGP 18 now Available on Nintendo Switch

MotoGP 18 has raced its way onto the Nintendo Switch, and it's available right now. MotoGP 18 launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and steam...

MotoGP 18 Review

MotoGP 18 is the latest in the annual franchise from Milestone, bringing the pinnacle of motorcycle racing to pc and console. With a switch...

Gravel gets a new Gameplay Trailer

Gravel, the latest Racing title from Italian developer Milestone, has been showcased in a new trailer, featuring the infamous Toyota Celica Rally Car.

MXGP3 Will Have Enhanced Rider and Bike Customisation

Developer Milestone have detailed the enhanced rider and bike customisation options coming to MXGP3. The news comes alongside a new trailer (which can be viewed below) which shows off some of the new gear while showcasing the game's new graphical engine.

RIDE Now Delayed on PlayStation Platforms

Milestone announced yesterday, the day of release, that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of RIDE will also be delayed in Europe until mid-April. Initially Milestone revealed that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles would be delayed until then, confirming that the PlayStation and PC editions will launch on March 27. Only the PC version launched yesterday.

RIDE Delayed on Xbox 360 and Xbox One until Mid-April

For those of you hoping to rev your way onto the mean tracks in RIDE on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this March, there's some sad news. For reasons unknown right now, Milestone has confirmed that the release of RIDE on Xbox consoles will now be released in mid-April. As for the PlayStation and PC releases, everything is still on track for the March 27 launch.

Motorcycling Racer, Ride, Now Has a Launch Date

It seems the people at MotoGP weren't satisfied with creating games surrounding MotoGP so they went ahead and started development on something that could appeal to a range of different motorbike racing fans, that my friends, is where Ride comes from. And now it has a release date!

Steam Hits Eight Million Concurrent Users During Final Day of the...

The Summer Sale is over at around 5pm UK time so if you haven't already, now's your chance to grab the best of this year's insane sale. This was something that over eight million people were doing last night as Steam broke another record with over eight million users online at once.
forza cap 2video

Forza Motorsport 5 Hits One Million Online Players.

According to a video by YouTube user Robert Cram it looks as if the Xbox One exclusive Forza Motorsport 5 has hit the one million milestone just six weeks after the launch of the console which is a pretty impressive number.

Bloody Hell, Steam Hit 7 Million Concurrent Players on Sunday.

Valve’s video gaming distribution platform, Steam, hit a huge milestone on Sunday, December 1, hitting a whopping 7.1 million users logged into Steam at exactly the same time, a brand new milestone for Steam usage.

MotoGP 13 – Review

These are big powerful machines, so why exactly do they sound like the dirt bike from Vice City...

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