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Minecraft Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Worlds Will Transfer to Xbox...

For those of you mining and crafting away on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions won't have to worry about starting again if you plan to upgrade to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions both Mojang and Microsoft confirmed yesterday.

Minecraft for Xbox One is “really close” to Being Finished.

The retail version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has remained in the top 10 charts here in the UK for what feels like forever, for some reason people are still buying it. There's also good news for those who are addicted to Minecraft but are looking to upgrade to the Xbox One. The Xbox One Edition is "really close" to being finished!

Minecraft PC Sells 14 Million Copies.

The PC version of Minecraft has sold 14 Million copies. Well, over 14 Million copies actually. The game is renowned all over the world. Everyone knows what it is and Over 14 Million people play it.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition to get First “Mash-up” Pack.

A few weeks ago Minecraft for Xbox 360 developers 4J Studio's finally launched Title Update 12 which featured a bunch of new fixes and animals as well as support for "Mash-up" packs and texture packs, but put them on hold due to licencing issues. It seems those licencing issues have been resolved now they've launched the first Mass Effect themed Mash-up Pack which is available to download on September 4!

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 12 Out Now!

That's right! The mysterious Microsoft testing labs have had their way with the update and have now released it into the wild. It should be available to download right now!
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition tops the charts for the third week...

If you thought the success of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 would be short lived, think again. Since Mojang and 4J Studios took the game to retail, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has remained at the top of the charts for three weeks running. Even the highly anticipated Tales of Xillia which launched last week only came in at a measly 4th place.

4J Studios Confirm Minecraft Title Update 9 Available April 5th

Minecraft: Xbox Edition has become one of the top selling Xbox Live Arcade games and has surpassed six million copies according to 4J Studios and is currently expecting a retail release in the US at the end of the month.
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How I managed to get 7 months of Xbox Live Gold...

For years me and my wife have been playing on, and paying for Xbox Live Gold and it's become pretty pricey every month for...

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