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Minecraft Surpasses 176 Million Copies Sold

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that the already insanely popular sandbox title, Minecraft, has surpassed 176 million copies sold. This massive milestone the sandbox title...
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Minecraft Creator Won’t be Included in Game’s 10 Year Anniversary

Microsoft is continuing to distance itself from Minecraft's original creator, Marcus "Notch" Persson, by not including him in the game's 10-year-anniversary event. Minecraft is coming...

Minecraft Village & Pillage Update Finally Arrives

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that the Minecraft Village & Pillage update has finally launched and is available in the Bedrock Edition of the...

Minecraft hits 30 Million Sales on PC

Minecraft has reached another monumental milestone, surpassing 30 Million sales on PC. The tracker that runs at the bottom of the Minecraft website has recently...
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Microsoft Scrubs Mentions of Notch from Minecraft

Microsoft is apparently removing a number of references to Minecraft creator Notch from the game both on PC and console. Today Microsoft-owned Mojang rolled out...
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Minecraft Joins Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that it and Mojang's popular sandbox title, Minecraft, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass next month. On April 4, Game Pass...

Why 2009 was the Best Year for Gaming

Undoubtedly, this is a massive, highly personal topic. For me though, ‘the best year in gaming’ means both a year with a high quantity...

Minecraft Snapshot Bug May Hint New Features

One of Minecraft’s latest snapshot, 19w04a, came with some “interesting bugs”. Namely a sick infinite wall run. For some, updates to this beloved game...
Minecraft Snapshot 19w03c

Minecraft’s Latest Snapshot Calls for Players to Roll Up Their Greensleeves

Mojang continues to impress with their latest Minecraft sneak peek in Snapshot 19w03c that introduces new farming mechanics. The introduction of campfires, exploration features and...

Minecraft Snapshot 19w02a Adds Campfires, Lecterns, and More!

As the new year gets up and running, Minecraft developer Mojang has delivered on their promise with the first intriguing snapshot of 2019. Though short and...
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Mojang Release The Last Minecraft Village And Pillage Snapshot

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Mojang have given the Minecraft community an exciting taste of what is to come in the New Year as they released their last major snapshot of 2018.

Mojang Details Latest Minecraft Village and Pillage Snapshot

While many of us are still diving into Minecraft's Aquatic Update, Notch's little helpers have been working round the clock to make the up and coming Village and Pillage update into the best post-Christmas present to date.

Minecraft Developer Talk Reveals Village and Pillage Update Details

Minecraft, Mojang's crown jewel continues to refine itself with an all-new update that looks poised to get 2019 going in style. With a series of...

Minecraft Comes to Comics Thanks to Dark Horse

Ahead of NYCC and MINECON Earth, Dark Horse has announced a brand new graphic novel based off of the hit sandbox game, Minecraft, along with the cover art for the comic.
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Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Departs

Director and co-writer of the upcoming Minecraft movie, Rob McElhenney, is no longer working on the upcoming flick causing it to lose its 2019...

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