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Minecraft Aquatic Update Phase 2 Rolls out Across Most Platforms

Phase 2 of the Minecraft's Aquatic update is rolling out on ALMOST every platform, Microsoft and Mojang have announced.

Minecraft has over 75 million active users!

The only yearly statistics more enticing than Pornhub's have arrived. That's right, the annual numbers for Minecraft are in!

Minecraft Update 1.2.5 Detailed

Minecraft's 1.2.5 Update brings the game to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and introduces Mixer for Minecraft. The latest update brings Minecraft to Windows Mixed Reality...

New Aquatic Update and More Announced at Minecon Earth

Minecraft's first Minecon Earth event took place this week which saw the annual Minecon event come online for the first time so players across the globe can watch and take part.

Adventure Time x Minecraft Crossover Episode Teaser Released

Last week Cartoon Network announced that the collaboration between Minecraft and Adventure Time would continue with a one-off episode which is set to air...

Here’s How and When to Watch Minecon Earth

Today marks the first time Minecon is ditching the live event in favour of a more inclusive live stream that’ll be broadcast across the...

Adventure Time x Minecraft Episode to be Teased at MINECON Earth

Cartoon Network and Mojang have announced that they've expanded their partnership between Minecraft and Adventure Time with a one-off episode.

Will Arnett to Host MINECON Earth

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that BoJack Horseman star, Will Arnett is to host the first ever MINECON Earth.

10 Insanely Awesome Minecraft Creations (Worlds and Adventure Maps)

Here are ten incredible Minecraft creations ranging from huge sprawling cities, to some impressive Adventure and PvP maps.

Microsoft Announce Limited Edition Minecraft Themed Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is getting a Limited edition Minecraft twist, and its available for Pre-Order right now.

Minecon Comes Online as Minecon Earth Debuts

Mojang and Microsoft has announced that big changes are coming to Minecraft's annual festival, Minecon later this year. Minecon Earth will be bringing the main events worldwide digitally.
Minecraft Artwork

Minecraft Cross-Platform Update Available Now on Windows PC and Android

The beta test for Minecraft’s cross-platform update is now available on Windows 10 PCs or Android phones. The update will allow users of these platforms to play with each other in the first major step forward towards cross-platform play.
Minecraft Chinese Mythology

Microsoft Exec Comment on Sony’s Reason for Lack of Cross-Network Support

Xbox Exec Phil Spencer has weighed in on Sony's fairly poor excuse for not supporting cross-network play for Minecraft claiming that it'll do more harm than good, but Sony might have a pretty good excuse after all.

Microsoft to add Microtransactions into Minecraft

Microsoft has today announced the forthcoming addition of "The Minecraft Markeplace" a new program to allow players to distribute and even sell their own creations within the game.
Minecraft Chinese Mythology

Minecraft Gets a Ton of Add-ons in October

Mojang has announced that Minecraft for various platforms, including VR, will be receiving a handful of updates to help users tweak game mechanics, improve VR experiences, and add more content into the game.

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