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mirror’s edge catalyst

EA Confirms Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with Cryptic Teaser

When trademarks appear they're either legitimate fillings from the company for future games, fillings from companies to protect future IP, or in some cases, completely bogus in an attempt to stir up a fuss on the Internet. Yesterday a trademark for Mirror's Edge Catalyst was spotted but we had no idea what it was for.
Mirror’s Edge 2 teaser

Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Have a More “Refined” First Person Combat.

There are things that Mirror's Edge did really well. There are also things Mirror's Edge didn't do well. One of those things, and probably the most obvious, was the games combat mechanic. With the game requiring a more passive way of handling bad guys, Mirror's Edge required the player to either avoid combat, or tackle some heavily armoured foe head on, I won't even mention the games use of weaponry. Second time round however, DICE are doing something about that as they're hoping to refine first person combat.

EA and DICE Reveal Mirror’s Edge 2 Teaser Ahead of E3...

EA and DICE have released a gorgeous looking bit of art work for their upcoming open-world runner Mirror's Edge 2 ahead of their E3 press conference that's being held in Los Angeles at 8pm UK time.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is an “open world” affair.

Soon after EA showed us the teaser for Mirror's Edge 2 threw their mic up in the air and walked off stage, it came to light that Mirror's Edge 2 might not be the game we all hoped for.

E3 | Mirror’s Edge 2 Confirmed, Coming “When It’s Ready” [Update:...

As EA closed the show they left us with a little surprise, something we've been asking for, for a few years now, that's right... Mirrors Edge 2!
Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge 2 Appears One Again

Could a sequel to DICE and EA's first person runner be getting a sequel and could that sequel be revealed at E3?

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