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Monster Hunter World – Legiana Hunting Guide

Legiana is Monster Hunter World's ice elemental wyvern and holy hellfire is it a pain to put down! Legiana crafts some of the coolest...

Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Hunting Guide

The Rathalos in Monster Hunter: World is much like all the other Rathalos you’ve ever fought - they're big, angry and hit like a...

Monster Hunter: World – Tips on Rathian Hunting

Everyone remembers their first, right? For me it was Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, entering zone 2 which is usually full of Apotonths going...

Monster Hunter: World Tips for Hunting Anjanath

Anjanath is a greenhorn Hunter’s graduation from small time pest control to the real hazards. You'll have encountered Anjanath early on in the game...
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UK Gaming Charts (05/02/2018): Monster Hunter: World Continues to Dominate

Monster Hunter World continues to dominate the UK Gaming Charts this week, much like that blasted Rathian in the Ancient Forest.
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Monster Hunter: World Review

The long awaited return to console for the Monster Hunter series is finally over, and Capcom did not disappoint. While some minor issues, and I mean minor, hold it back from being perfect, Monster Hunter World delivers on practically every front.

Monster Hunter: World Celebrate 5 Million Sales with Free Gifts!

To celebrate 5 million sales, Capcom is awarding all Monster Hunter World players a free Celebration Pack.

Monster Hunter: World – How to Farm Elemental Sacs

Monster Hunter World requires the use of numerous materials to create weapons and armour throughout the game. Each enemy you fight will drop items unique to that monster, some of these have elemental properties. Most notably these are the various different types of sacs. Poison Sacs, Fire Sacs, Electro Sacs, Aqua Sacs and Sleeper Sacs to name the important ones. These can either be acquired by carving pieces from a monster, dropped as “broken parts”, safari, or quest rewards.
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Monster Hunter: World Shifts 5 Million Copies Worldwide

Monster Hunter World has become one of the best selling games in the series, amassing over 5 million sales during the game's opening week, according to Capcom.

Capcom is Giving £50,000 for Evidence of Big Foot

In an odd effort to promote the launch of their already successful Monster Hunter World, Capcom has revealed that they're offering £50,000 to anyone who can offer evidence of real-world monsters such as Loch Ness and Big Foot.
Monster Hunter World Dragon

UK Gaming Charts (29/01/2018) Monster Hunter: World Crashes in

With a slew of new releases last week, the UK Gaming Charts have taken a bit of a beating as not only do we have a new Monster Hunter title, but a brand new Dragon Ball game which is winning people over.
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Check out Monster Hunter: World’s Sexy New PS4 Bundle

For you die-hard Monster Hunter fans, a new piece of memorabilia is coming West, the Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro special edition! A new...

Monster Hunter: World Gameplay Shows Off The Rotten Vale

Capcom has dished out more gameplay for their upcoming open world RPG, Monster Hunter: World showing off The Rotten Vale.
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Monster Hunter: World Gameplay Explores Coral Highlands

Capcom has not been stingy with their content when it comes to Monster Hunter: World. Today we get a glimpse at some beautiful new...
Monster Hunter World Dragon

Monster Hunter: World – What Are The Elder Dragons?

The most recent Monster Hunter: World trailer showcases a number of Elder Dragons we'll be encountering throughout the game. To say these beasts are large is an understatement. It will take everything you've got to take down one of these god-like creatures.

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