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Motorola Announces Two new Moto G Devices

Today Motorola has announced two brand new phones in its cut-price Moto G range, the Moto G, and Moto G Plus, set to launch here in the UK in June.

Motorola Announce New Updated Moto G

During their big reveal event today, Motorola finally announced the new updated Moto G which comes with more RAM, more storage, and IPX7 certification for water and dust resistance.

Brazilian Retailer Leaks out More Moto X+1 and Upgraded Moto G...

Motorola are expected to announce a couple of new things at their event on September 4, the first of which is the release date and full feature list of the highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch, we're also expecting to see a brand new Moto X refresh, the Moto X+1, and now it seems that we'll also see an updated Moto G, at least according to Brazilian retailer, Livaria Logos who has once again leaked the Moto handsets a little earlier than planned.

Will Android L be Coming to the Moto X or Moto...

During Google I/O we received an early preview of the next version of Android, currently titled Android L. Following the event a developer preview of Android L was released for certain devices but as for an official roll-out, we won't know for sure until this Autumn when Google expect to launch the new, prettier version of Android. That still begs the question.. Will *name of phone* be getting Android L?
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Motorola Moto G With 4G Available Now In The UK

The Motorola Moto G with 4G capability is on sale now at Phones4U, 6 days before everywhere else in the UK. As of today, you can go into their store or onto their website to buythe 4G version of the phone which saved Motorola in the UK.
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Motorola Shipped 6.5 Million Devices Worldwide in Q1 This Year.

Things are really looking up for Motorola who have been celebrating milestone after milestone following the release of their budget Moto G and high-end Moto X. The latest news to come from the soon-to-be Lenovo owned company is that in the first quarter of this year they've shifted 6.5 million devices globally.

Motorola May Have a Super Thin, Cheaper Moto G Up Their...

Lets gather around the rumour mill boys and girls because it's Motorola Story Time! Today's tales feature an even cheaper and even thinner Motorola device in the works that has received approval by Brazilian authorities. Some believe it's a much cheaper, lower spec'd Moto G.

The Moto G Saves Motorola UK

After stunning reviews and sales for the Moto G, it has been deemed to be Motorola's saviour. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the cheap smartphone has helped Motorola to increase its shares from nearly zero to six per cent in only six months.

Motorola: The Moto G Was Most Successful Smartphone, Moto X Refresh...

Following all of the amazing announcements at the Mobile World Congress this week Motorola quietly revealed a few things during their fairly small press conference at the event, the first was that they are working on a smartwatch that should be revealed by the end of the year, the second was that the Moto Maker is finally rolling out to Western Europe and Mexico.

Android KitKat Rolling Out to Moto G Users in Europe Right...

That's right, Moto G users in Europe should start receiving notifications for the OTA update of Android 4.4.2 - KitKat which comes a fair few weeks after North American Moto G users started to see the update arrive on their devices.

It’s Official, the Motorola Moto G is a 4.5-inch Mid-Range handset...

Wow, it seems like literally minutes ago I was writing about the Motorola Moto G, oh wait, it was. So it's finally official, Motorola unveiled all on the Motorola Moto G, a mid-range 4.5 inch handset that'll be coming to Phones 4u at a phenomenal price of £134.95 SIM free. Yeah, I'm not joking.
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Full Specifications for the Motorola Moto G Launch Ahead of Today’s...

The official announcement of the Moto G is literally a few hours away, but it seems that there's no need any more as the full specs for the Moto G have been unveiled by Amazon UK and German retailer Phone House.
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Morotorla Moto G Live Event Scheduled for November 13

Yesterday Motorola unveiled the teaser site for their next handset, the Moto G. Official details on what the device with contain are pretty thin, but rumours are pointing to a device that's a little slower and a little smaller, a younger brother/sister to the Moto X.

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