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Rumoured Specs for the 2015 Moto X Revealed

Although Motorola aren't set to reveal details on the next generation flagship until way later this year, STJS say that they've had access to the device's spec-sheet and though they're not too far-fetched, with them being available this far in advance, I'm not convinced.
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Moto X (2014) Review: More of the Same, but Different..

Earlier this year Motorola unveiled the Moto X, the second generation version of their 2013 flagship device with the same name, compared to its...
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Grab your Pig Skin, the Moto X Could get Football Leather...

Before I get too deep into this article I feel I should mention that I'm from the UK so I'll be calling what Americans call 'football,' ' American football,' just in case any of you get confused. So, for those of you both in the UK and across the pond that are heavily into American Football soon you might be able to show everyone else how much you love with a new Football Leather back for your Moto X.
Lollipop Forest

Motorola Launch Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Checker

Are you excited to receive the latest version of Android on your Motorola device but are sick of waiting for what seems like forever, tapping the "Check for Updates" button on a daily basis? Well Motorola have come up with a solution to those eager to get Android Lollipop on their Moto G or Moto X with a handy Update Checker.
Lollipop Forest

Android Lollypop Will Be Coming to the Moto X and More..

Now Google have officially announced that Android Lollypop will be coming soon we now play the fun game of guessing which phones will be getting Android 5.0. We already know that the recently announced Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will come pre-loaded with Lollypop and that previous Nexus devices, the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Google Play Edition devices will also be getting Lollypop in the next couple of weeks, but what about other handsets? Well Motorola have confirmed that almost all of their current devices will be getting Lollypop soon - which takes all the fun out of guessing.
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The iPhone 6 Also Receives the Bend Test Treatment Along Side...

Unbox Therapy is at it again, this time giving the bend test to the iPhone 6, the standard handset that was announced alongside the iPhone 6 Plus. Following reports of peoples iPhone 6 Plus devices bending in their pockets, Unbox Therapy decided to put it to the test and the results were less than pleasant. In an attempt to see whether the other iPhone, the iPhone 6 suffered the same fate, they decided to give that device the bend test too along with four other devices from HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, as well as the iPhone 5S.
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Motorola Pushes Focus on the 2014 Moto X to Anyone Interested...

It seems Motorola is quietly killing off the original flagship Moto X as it starts pushing focus on the new second generation Moto X on their website. If you're interested in perhaps picking up a custom Moto X (2013) via Motorola's website, unfortunately you'll be encouraged to check out the new Moto X (2014) instead. It's a real shame that Motorola is putting an end to its very successful device, but I guess all things have to come to an end at some point.

Motorola Now Lets you Buy Directly from their UK Website

Following Motorola's announcement of the Moto X, the Moto 360, The Motorola Hint, and the Turbo Charger, the company has this morning announced that from today you'll be able to purchase the aforementioned products directly from the Motorola UK website. Not only will you be able to check out Motorola's range of new products, you'll also be able to purchase them directly from the site and have them delivered.
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Motorola Announce the New Moto X, Bamboo Model Coming Exclusive to...

Last week Motorola unveiled the brand new Moto X. Not the Moto X+1 like we were all expecting, just Moto X. The device is a total overhaul to the 2013 Moto X and brings with it more customisation, more power under the hood, and a better camera, and it can be all yours for for free on contracts from £34.50 per month.

Moto X Confirmed To Get The Android L Update

Motorola has finally confirmed that the Moto X will update to Android L, the next version of Android expected later this year. It's been fairly difficult to tell whether the Moto X and Moto G will be getting Android L thanks to an unofficial Facebook page for Motorola Germany announcing that they would be getting the updates, which was then denied by the real Motorola.

Will Android L be Coming to the Moto X or Moto...

During Google I/O we received an early preview of the next version of Android, currently titled Android L. Following the event a developer preview of Android L was released for certain devices but as for an official roll-out, we won't know for sure until this Autumn when Google expect to launch the new, prettier version of Android. That still begs the question.. Will *name of phone* be getting Android L?

New Moto X+1 Specs?

At the moment, there is very little official information about the Moto X successor, supposedly called the Moto X+1, however, Brazilian retailer, Livraria Logos, has released its specifications ahead of the smartphone's rumoured summer release.
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Motorola’s Moto 360 and Moto X+1 Expected to be Available Through...

There's two things I'm eagerly waiting for this year and they're both the release of the Moto 360 and the Moto X+1, both of which have been touted for release "later this summer." What I didn't expect though, was the release of the Moto 360, the first circular Android Wear powered smartphone to be made available through the Moto Maker, Motorola's platform to personalise Motorola devices.
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Another Moto X+1 Leak Appears, This Time Wrapped in Plastic.

The Moto X+1 has probably leaked more than any phone I've ever covered here on n3rdabl3. Whether it's a crappy 'press render', a dodgy bullshot from an odd angle, or a blurry video showing off something that could resemble a smartphone, the Moto X+1 has had it all however, this latest leak is a new one, even for me. It's wrapped in plastic and is placed on what looks like a barbecue for this demonstration..

The Motorola Moto X Could be Getting a 64GB Memory Upgrade.

Not only are Motorola currently busy with the release of the Moto E, it looks like they've been busy bringing a much needed memory injection into their current flagship, the Moto X according to a screenshot of the device discovered on the Moto Maker.

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