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Brazilian Retailer Leaks out More Moto X+1 and Upgraded Moto G...

Motorola are expected to announce a couple of new things at their event on September 4, the first of which is the release date and full feature list of the highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch, we're also expecting to see a brand new Moto X refresh, the Moto X+1, and now it seems that we'll also see an updated Moto G, at least according to Brazilian retailer, Livaria Logos who has once again leaked the Moto handsets a little earlier than planned.
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Please Don’t Let This Moto X+1 Leak be Real…

Despite Evan Blass, a.k.a. @evleaks, announcing his retirement it seems he didn't want to go out without a bang. That bang comes in the form of another Moto X+1 leak this time a much clearer press render of both the black and white models of Motorola's next flagship device. @evleaks has usually been spot-on with his Motorola leaks, but this time I'm hoping he's wrong because it looks... awful.
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A Little Ambitious, but Motorola Could Release 8 New Devices Before...

When I saw the news this morning that Motorola could be releasing up to eight devices before Christmas, I felt that it was a little ambitious and likely just a false rumour, but then I actually thought about it.. So far, Motorola are rumoured to be releasing the Moto X+1, the Moto 360, a rumoured Motorola Nexus device is in the works, and it seems highly likely that a Motorola tablet is on the way as well as a smaller "mini" version of the X+1 could arrive, that alone is 5 phones. That's not even mentioning their range of US-only DROID handsets..

Could September 25 See the Launch of the Moto X+1

Rumours, rumours, and more rumours. Motorola can't seem to keep anything quiet as nearly all of their handsets and their upcoming Android Wear smartwatch have leaked more than the Titanic. The latest rumour is for their upcoming handset, the Moto X+1 which is - obviously - the successor to the Moto X. For a while now all we've heard officially from Motorola is that it'll be arriving in the Summer and with grey clouds now taking over the UK it seems that Summer could well and truly be almost over - but that's okay as now we've got a rumoured release date for the handset.

New Moto X+1 Specs?

At the moment, there is very little official information about the Moto X successor, supposedly called the Moto X+1, however, Brazilian retailer, Livraria Logos, has released its specifications ahead of the smartphone's rumoured summer release.
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Motorola’s Moto 360 and Moto X+1 Expected to be Available Through...

There's two things I'm eagerly waiting for this year and they're both the release of the Moto 360 and the Moto X+1, both of which have been touted for release "later this summer." What I didn't expect though, was the release of the Moto 360, the first circular Android Wear powered smartphone to be made available through the Moto Maker, Motorola's platform to personalise Motorola devices.

Moto X+1 Press Render Leaks Wearing Protection, But Something Isn’t Right.

We've been hearing about the Moto X+1 quite a lot recently, from a leaked video showing the phones boot animation to a video of the phone wrapped in plastic, we're yet to fully see what the phone will look like. Thankfully @evleaks was on-hand to provide the image we've all been waiting for, for a long time. A press render has surfaced showing what's apparently the Moto X+1 in a protective case, there's just one thing. It just doesn't look right.
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Another Moto X+1 Leak Appears, This Time Wrapped in Plastic.

The Moto X+1 has probably leaked more than any phone I've ever covered here on n3rdabl3. Whether it's a crappy 'press render', a dodgy bullshot from an odd angle, or a blurry video showing off something that could resemble a smartphone, the Moto X+1 has had it all however, this latest leak is a new one, even for me. It's wrapped in plastic and is placed on what looks like a barbecue for this demonstration..

The Moto X+1 Leaks Again, This Time it’s its Boot Animation.

TK Tech News is back again with another leak of Motorola's upcoming Moto X refresh, the Moto X+1. This time it's not a blurry potato cam picture, oh no, this time it's a blurry, shaky video of what they claim to be the beta boot animation of the device, which strangely enough dates back to February.. But TK Tech News assures us that it's genuine.

More Moto X+1 Images and Details Leak, It’s Going to be...

The Moto X+1 is rumoured to be Motorola's next flagship device, details of which have only appeared online via a series of different leaks, with no real confirmation or denial from the Chicago company. The latest set of leaks comes from TK Tech News, who have received more information from a source at Motorola who has given them more details and an image of the device. The image, of course, is a little poor quality, but the new information makes this leak a little sweeter.

Moto X+1 Tipped for Late Summer, as Late as September.

In February Motorola revealed that a refresh of their current flagship device, the Moto X, will be coming in "late summer" but failed to actually offer more in the way of a date other than that. According to a recent tip, we won't be seeing the device, reportedly called the Moto X+1 until the very end of summer, as late as September.

The Motorola Moto X Could be Getting a 64GB Memory Upgrade.

Not only are Motorola currently busy with the release of the Moto E, it looks like they've been busy bringing a much needed memory injection into their current flagship, the Moto X according to a screenshot of the device discovered on the Moto Maker.

The Motorola Moto X+1 Specs Leak, Could be Bigger and Better.

Motorola confirmed that a Moto X refresh is coming at some point in the Summer this year, but official details surrounding the currently unannounced phone are a little thin.. to say the least. As for leaks and rumours, we have plenty. Set to be called the Moto X+1 and come with a fancy faux-leather back plate, the Moto X+1 is set to be a much improved Moto X, but how much?
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Moto X+1 Moto Maker Colour Options Reportedly Revealed.

Motorola are planning to launch a 'refreshed' version of their Motorola Moto X sometime this summer, rumoured to be called the Moto X+1, which will also come with the option to have a Samsung-like leather back according to serial leaker @evleaks who has also recently revealed several other colour options set to come on the Moto X+1.
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Moto X Successor Rumoured to be Named Moto X+1, May Have...

Motorola has revealed that a successor to the Moto X will be coming later this year, but have refused to reveal more information on the companies next flagship device. Serial leaker @evleaks may have put an end to our pondering by revealing that the next Moto X will be called the Moto X-1 and may come with a leather back.

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