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Today n3rdabl3 has officially launched the n3rdabl3 subreddit, a place for their readers and their community to get more involved with the team and join in deeper discussions.

6 Iconic Weapons in Video Games

Games get popular for various things like a great story, top-notch graphics, a kick-ass soundtrack or a really fun battle system. And sometimes, games...

The N3WS – Project Scorpio, Persona 5, Yooka-Laylee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlES6BqZTTw Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...

Sidescrolling Platformer, One Dog Story, Announced

Offering both nostalgia and something new, pixel platform game, One Dog Story, centers around a dog who wakes up in a mysterious laboratory, not...

A Letter from the Editor: Welcome to n3rdabl3.com!

Today is a big deal for us here at n3rdabl3 because overnight we made a massive change to our branding. While we're still the same old n3rdabl3 as before, we're no longer tied to our ".co.uk" domain. Today is the first day we begin life as n3rdabl3.com and we're super excited for the future.

n3rdabl3’s 4th Smash Tournament is Happening Today!

Today starting at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST will be the stream for 4 Glory: n3xt l3v3l. 4 Glory is, aptly named, the 4th...
n3 + Matcherino

n3rdabl3 and Matcherino present: Smasherino

In a bid to allow the fans to sponsor the esports entertainment that they want, a crew of businessmen and gamers in Washington have created Matcherino. Based on the premise of crowdfunding tournaments and esports experiences, Matcherino is looking to let the fans increase the production value of events worldwide.

n3rdabl3 Has Turned Four!

Another year, another birthday, and oh what a year it has been. We began with a total relaunch, which ended up with us not only replacing the theme (twice), but also going with a different logo and focusing more in "n3" rather than "n3rdabl3". We also hit a total of 10,000 published articles which was a brilliant milestone.
2015 screenshot

n3’s Most Popular Posts from 2015

Happy New Year folks! Today marks the start of another year and the start of what could be one of the best years for both gaming and tech, not to mention the sheer amount of movies set to grace the big screen in 2016.

Celebrate n3rdabl3 Turning Three with 30% off Domino’s Pizza! #n3turns3

This week we'll be celebrating turning three-years-old in style, the first part of which is with pizza! Everyone loves pizza and that's definitely something we love too here at n3. So we absolutely dived on the chance to work with Domino's Pizza to create our own Pizza Legend which in return, we can offer you 30 per cent off of that very same pizza!

A Quick Birthday Message #n3turns3

Three years ago to this day I created n3rdabl3. It began life as a personal tech and gaming related blog with little in the way of ambition to create what you see here today. I didn't start out with the idea to create a dedicated gaming website, it sort of just happened. With that though, I certainly don't take what we have here for granted. We've managed to achieve great things in three years, something I'd never imagine. We've met some fantastic people and have gained some fantastic friends during this time.
10000th post

This is n3rdabl3’s 10,000th Post! Let’s Celebrate with an Editors Letter

American Horror Story Season 5 will heavily feature the incredible jaw-line of Matt Bomer as he takes a lead role in the show. This almost makes up for fans of the franchise being subjected to watching Lady GaGa as she to will also be featuring in the new season titled Hotel.

We Challenged Jagex to a Game of Block N Load, They...

Last year when Jagex unveiled their team-based shooter, Block N Load, we casually suggested that we should have a few games together. Not thinking anything of it, I was a little surprised to hear back from Jagex saying that they'll accept the challenge and will be getting the Block N Load developers to set up a match between us and them. This evening is when it all goes down, so join us on Twitch to watch the match in action when n3rdabl3 take on the Block N Load team at their own game.

Watch us Play Life is Strange on Twitch (8pm GMT /...

DONTNOD's Life is Strange launches on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One today, and while our review won't be live until next week due to only getting the code today, why not join us as we play through the first episode live on Twitch.
Evolve Logo

Watch us Stream the Evolve Xbox One Beta on Twitch! (5pm...

With the Evolve Xbox One Beta well under way, we'll be hopping on at 5pm UK time broadcasting the game live on our Twitch channel! It'll definitely be worth a watch as myself, nor Joe have ever played the game before, so it'll be a treat!

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