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Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition is Coming Out Next Month

It's barely been a year since the release of Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and just seven months since the games release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, yet EA are repackaging the game in an all-new Complete Edition which is set for release next month.

UK Charts | FIFA 14 Still Top of The League.

FIFA 14 is still sitting pretty at the top of the UK Games Chart, now only one more week away from beating the efforts of Zumba Fitness from all the way back in 2011 for the longest reigning number 1 game. EA will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the charts goings on in the run up to next weeks results.

Need for Speed: Rivals Review

Need For Speed: Rivals is the latest instalment into the Need for Speed franchise hoping to offer a more two-sided affair to the once racer focused title. Choose to be a racer, or stick with the good guy and become a cop, and that's not the only choice you get to make. Rivals is a gorgeous open-world affair filled with gorgeous mountainside forests, cold snowy peaks, and harsh dry deserts, environments alone, does the freedom to do what you want how you want change the way the game is played for the better or are things better left the way they were?

Need for Speed Rivals Players Get Free 2015 Ford Mustang DLC!

Right now my car of choice in Need for Speed Rivals is the 2014 Ford Mustang, it's a beauty of a car to look at and to drive, but it looks like my choice might change now Need for Speed and Ford have partnered to release DLC including the 2015 Ford Mustang absolutely free!

Need for Speed Rivals Takes off from the Starting Post on...

Racing games, racing games everywhere... And especially on launch day for PS4. The popular car-smashing, cop-chasing racer has had it's release date shortened to the 15th of November for PS4. That is, only in North America.

Need for Speed Rivals Trailer Shows Cops and Racers are Enemies,...

The release of Need for Speed Rivals is almost upon us and EA still have more to show. The latest trailer gives us more of an insight into the relationship between the cops and the racers which will feature in the game, if you can call it that.

No Need for Speed: Rivals for Wii U Due to Poor...

If you were planning on picking up a copy of Need for Speed: Rivals for Wii U this November 19 you might as well go and spend your cash on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD because EA have announced that the game will not be coming to the Wii U thanks to poor sales of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Latest Need for Speed Rivals Trailer Highlights Game’s AllDrive Feature

EA shows off the new All Drive feature in the latest Need for Speed Rivals trailer. The AllDrive feature blends the game's single player with the multiplayer mode in what EA is saying is a seamless experience.

Latest Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Progression &...

In this latest Need for Speed Rivals gameplay trailer you'll see how you'll go up the ranks by completing a series of mini challenges such as "Bust 3 Racers", "Drift 500 Yards", and "Out Run 3 Pursuits". The trailer also demonstrates some of the bad ass pursuit tech that those of you who choose to stay on the good site of the law will be able to use to take down offenders.

Criterion reduced to sixteen staff members, Ghost Games born from the...

The creators of the Burnout series, Criteron games, staff team has now been watered down to only sixteen employees, those who are not part of Criteron games have now formed a new studio that is now known as Ghost Games U.K. Today, through Tweets, Alexander Ward has explained the situation to fans...

Pimp Your Ride in the New Need For Speed Rivals Trailer

Need for Speed has always had a focus on personalising your car, it's for me, the reason why I'd rather play Need for Speed titles over other racing games, I just love a good pimped car. If you're like me and want to unleash the boy racer inside, you'll be excited to see some of the customisation options available to you in Need for Speed Rivals.

Ghost Games Studio Head Calls for Continuity From Need for Speed...

Popular racing franchise Need for Speed has been taken over by EA Studio Ghost Games, just a year after the series seemed to be taken over by Criterion...

Need for Speed Rivals – Cops vs. Racers Trailer

With 30 seconds of extra footage here's the extended cut of the Cops vs. Racers Trailer which is just as good as the non extended version, I mean, look at the rain on the windows! hnngh!

E3 | Need for Speed Rivals Teaser Trailer

Check out this awesome new trailer straight from EA's E3 press conference. All of the footage is from the in-game engine and looks pretty spectacular!

The New Need for Speed Rivals Trailer is Pretty Incredible!

The latest trailer for the new Need For Speed game looks pretty incredible. All footage is from the in-game engine for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and I'm sure you can admit it's pretty impressive.

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