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Is this the LG-made 2015 Nexus 5?

A new leak has arrived which purportedly shows the upcoming LG-made 2015 Nexus 5 in the flesh. We already know that LG and Huawei are working on a possible two smartphones to be released by Google this year, but until now both have remained pretty under wraps.

Bright Red Nexus 5 Now Available in the Google Play Store.

The red Nexus 5 leaked more than the hole in the Titanic and as rumours suggested, it's now available on the Google Play store without much fanfair, still no word on the other colours that were first revealed.

Another Red Nexus 5 Image Leaks, Rumoured Release Date of February...

It's looking even more likely that the Nexus 5 is going to come in a variety of colours as @evleaks revealed the clearest picture of the Red Nexus 5 yet, a press image which is most likely going to be used on the Google Play store. There's also been a rumoured release date of February 4 revealed by an internal listing from US Network Sprint.
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Colourful Nexus 5 Spotted Again, This Time All Boxed Up and...

It's looking more and more likely that Google's latest flagship device, The Nexus 5, will be getting a splash of colour some time soon. First we saw images of the Google Play store listing for the device complete with six new colour options, next we saw the actual device in the wild. Now it seems we have the device accompanied by it's retail packaging all boxed up and ready to ship.

Nexus 5 May Be Getting a Splash of Colour, Red Version...

According to a leaked video and accompanying images, it looks like Google's latest flagship handset, the Nexus 5, may be getting a splash of colour along side the usual white and black versions. Following those images the Red version of the handset has also been pictured.
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Nexus 5 Handset Gets Revised, Slightly Different from the Original.

After various complaints on the XDA Forums surrounding the build quality of the first batch of Nexus 5 handsets it seems that Google and LG have tweaked the design slightly to improve and fix their earlier mistakes hopefully making things much better for those of us who plan to purchase later on.
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Android 4.4.1 is Here, Arriving on all Nexus Devices Soon.

Earlier this week we wrote that rumours suggested Android 4.4.1 could be on it's way soon, not too long after we posted that Google officially started to roll out Android 4.4.1 with some much improved camera features as well as some bug fixes.
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Hoorah! Google Finally Announce the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat!

Google have finally unveiled the Google Nexus 5 which, of course, runs Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It's available to purchase from Google Play right now for $349/£299 in both Black and White in the US and just Black in the UK.
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Rumours Point to Nexus 5 Launching Today at 6pm.

Google have still yet to announce the launch of the Nexus 5 but numerous sources speaking to numerous websites have pointed to an official announcement/launch at 11am Pacific, or 6pm for us Brits.
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Google’s Nexus 5 Press Renders show White/Black Handset, New Rumours Point...

My favourite leakster, @evleaks has been at it again, this time revealing press renders of what appears to be the illusive white Nexus 5. This is the first 'official' look at what the device will look like in white, though again it hasn't been confirmed, @evleaks is rarely incorrect.
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Rumours Point to October 31st for the Nexus 5 Release Date.

Just stop already! The Nexus 5 appears once again, with the latest rumour pointing to an October 31st release date for Google's next Nexus device. Do I have to remind you to grab your salt?
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New Rumour Suggests the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat is...

For the past few weeks leaks surrounding the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat have been gushing everywhere. We practically know what the device will look like, we know pretty much all of the new features in Android 4.4 - Kit Kat. But the latest rumour suggest that the two won't be launching until November - great.

White Nexus 5 Appears in the Wild, Some Suggest it’s a...

A few more days have passed and still no Android 4.4 or Nexus 5 announcement but that hasn't stopped the torrent of leaks coming our way, this time for the white Nexus 5. First we see images of the packaging for said device, then over the weekend we see some fairly convincing press-renders of the device itself which are said to be fakes.

Google Finally Send Invites Out for October 24 Event But May...

A little spark of hope was triggered yesterday afternoon when Google finally started to send invites out to the press to an event they're holing on October 24, maybe they'll be announcing the Nexus 5 finally! Apparently not. The invite reads "Join us for a night out with Google Play. Music, movies, games, and a special performance by Capital Cities" which suggests an event surrounding Google's Play Store rather than a hardware announcement. Awh Shoot.
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Google Reveals All on the Nexus 5 – Sort of.

It looks like Google may have slipped up early this morning and had accidentally, almost, put the listing for the Nexus 5 live giving us a closer look at the actual device as well as price and what memory options it'll be available in.

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