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Is This The End of the Nexus Branded Smartphone from Google?

According to a report from Android Central, Google's upcoming HTC-made handsets will no longer have the Nexus branding that Google has slapped on its yearly releases. Instead, it looks like Google will be leaning heavily on its own branding for the new devices.

Google may Release their Own Android Phone Later This Year

Although you could consider Google’s line of Nexus devices as Google’s own smartphones, the company has always relied on third party manufacturers to design and manufacture the hardware. According to a new report however, the company may opt to release the first Google-made device later this year.

Google will be “More Opinionated” with Future Nexus Handsets

For a while now Google has been trying to reign-in smartphone manufacturers who use the Android operating system by asking them to follow a set of design guidelines to ensure things look native across the board. One way it's managed to achieve that, is with Nexus handsets, though it looks like Google plan on weighing in some more.

LG’s Nexus Device will be Called the Nexus 5X

Google is expected to unveil the next Nexus device on September 29 along side Android Marshmallow, but other than a few leaks and word that both LG and Huawei will be developing a Nexus device, we have no real clue what the new devices will be called. Fortunately a new leak clears that right up.

This is the Huawei Nexus Smartphone

With rumours suggesting Google is working with both LG and Huawei on the next Nexus devices, the only real truth to that rumour is the apparent LG handset being leaked last week. This week however all eyes are on the second part of that rumour as the apparent Huawei handset has been spotted in the wild.
white nexus 5 long

LG to Manufacture the Next Nexus Smartphone

With both LG and Huawei in the running to develop and manufacture the next Nexus smartphone from Google, a recent report is suggesting LG has won the bidding and will be taking over from Motorola for 2015's Nexus smartphone.
Nexus 5 Long

LG is “Considering” Making This Year’s Nexus Smartphone

The Google Nexus 5 was a highly acclaimed phone by both users and critics, and while the Nexus 6 offers something a little different, many are looking for a true successor to the Nexus 5 and it looks like one could be on the way. Google is apparently in talks with both Huawei and LG for the manufacturers of the next Nexus, but now LG has revealed that they could in fact make the next device.
huawei ascend mate 7

Huawei to Make the Next Nexus Device?

Rumour has it Huawei will be the next manufacturer behind the next Nexus device Over the course of the week various rumours have surfaced around...

Leak Shows Full Specifications for HTC Built Nexus X Tablet, Tegra...

The Nexus X is rumoured to be the next Nexus handset from Google, built by Motorola, but it's now also rumoured to be the same moniker used for the HTC built Nexus tablet too. HTC's Nexus X is rumoured to be an 8.9-inch slate with the same resolution as the Nexus 10 (2560x1600) which would make the smaller screen seem even more crisp. There's also been rumours about what guts will be inside the HTC built slate, and now if the latest CPU-Z benchmark is anything to go by, it'll be a gaming powerhouse.

Google and Motorola Are Working on the Nexus 6, Android Silver...

It looks like the next Nexus device that we'll be seeing, currently dubbed the Nexus 6, will be made by an unlikely suspect: Motorola. According to a recent reports from both Android Police and The Information the next Nexus device will be the rumoured Motorola "Shamu" and will be the Nexus 6. As for Android Silver, the program that Google has since been working on following the release of the Nexus 5 has also been put on the back burner according to reports.
Nexus 5 Long

Good News Everyone! Google Hasn’t Abandoned Nexus Devices, Confirms a New...

Following a no-show of a Nexus device of any sort at Google I/O last week, I had lost all hope that Google were continuing with their range of affordable-yet-powerful smartphone and tablets, but there's good news on the horizon as Dave Burke, the head of Android engineering and the Nexus program at Google, has confirmed that the company is still "invested in Nexus."
Nexus 5 Long

LG Claims They Won’t be Making the Next Nexus Phone.

For the past two years LG have been the company that Google has turned to, to manufacture their past few iterations of the Nexus phone. Both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 have both been absolutely stand-out phones, but it looks like that trend might be coming to an end. With rumours that Android are working on something called Android Silver, LG spokesperson Ken Hong saying LG may not be making the next Nexus device, and Google I/O just around the corner, it's looking unlikely that LG will be making the next Nexus device.
nexus 4 -2

The Android Silver Project Hopes to Rein In Carriers and OEM’s...

As a self proclaimed advocate of all things Google here at n3rdabl3, I'll be the first to say that I think Google has lost control over it's mobile operating system Android. Right now there's no clear design, carriers and OEMs are free to do what they want with the appearance of Android and throwing over the top whatever they want in order for it to seem more theirs. That, thankfully, may all stop soon as Google's Android Silver Project hopes to reign in carriers and OEMs to create a more clean, consistent version of their mobile OS.

Should I Go Back To – Skyrim?

It's that time of year again, the pre-E3 games drought is upon us and there's barely a game release to keep us going in this time of dire need. Okay, perhaps that's something of a stretch, there are titles coming and no doubt most of us have one game from the past three months peering over our shoulder.
Nexus 5 Long

Budget Nexus Device Rumoured to be In The Works.

According to a report out of China, Google have partnered with MediaTek, a maker of mobile processors, to manufacture a low-cost budget smartphone, similar to Motorola's Moto G. Whether it'll make its way to the west is another question.

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