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Pokemon Let’s Go Gets New Info & Hints At Post Game...

In the final push to capture everyone's hearts before the release of Pokemon Let's Go X, the new 'Pokemon: Let's Go' Trailer features not only an enigmatic Mewtwo encounter but also numerous shots of many new details that are making Let's Go so much more than just an HD remake.
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Pokémon GO Gets First Official Real-world Event this Summer

Niantic Inc., and The Pokémon Company International have announced that this Summer Pokémon Go players will be able to take part in both in-game and real-world activities to celebrate the game's first anniversary.
Pokemon GO Qualtrics

Pokémon GO Leaps Past 500 Million Downloads

Let's be honest, I think we all saw this coming - Niantic and The Pokémon Company have announced that their incredibly popular augmented reality title Pokémon GO, that sees players exploring around in real life to find Pokémon, has passed 500 million downloads.

There’s a Way you can Choose your Preferred Eeveelution on Pokémon...

Up until today, evolving your Eevee on Pokémon Go was seen as a random event, you didn't get to choose exactly which evolution your Eevee would become, it was just a matter of chance. Now, there's a way for you to choose exactly what evolution you want.
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As Pokémon Go Continues to Roll-out, Niantic is Accepting PokeStop and...

As Niantic's Pokémon Go launches in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the company is now allowing users to submit new locations for PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms. So if you're looking to have your house become a PokéStop so you can have the Pokémon come to you, then now's your chance.
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Pokémon Go is Now Available in the UK

It's happened folks, following the game's release in Germany yesterday, Niantic has now released Pokémon Go here in the UK.

Pokémon Go Begins European Roll-out in Germany

The Pokémon Go rollout has begun once again and has made its way to Europe starting with Germany.

Try not to Cry… Pokémon Go UK Rollout is on Hold

Ever since Pokémon Go started rolling out earlier this week, I've been frantically refreshing the App Store hoping that the game would appear and answer all of my Poké-hunting wishes. Unfortunately it looks like I may be waiting a little longer as the rollout has been paused while Niantic work on stabilising the servers.

Here’s a Possible First-look at Pokémon GO

Although the next big Pokémon game isn't set to launch until the end of the year, we're all currently pretty obsessed with a different type of Pokémon game, a game which is coming to mobile, and this may very well be our first look at it. Yes I'm talking about Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO is a Brand New Mobile Game from Nintendo, and...

Video games are fun, that's a given, but we sometimes can't play video games forever. So what if you took video games and threw them into the real world? That's Pokémon GO in a nutshell.

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