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Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Western Release PS4, Vita Confirmed

NIS America have announced that they will be bringing the visual novel Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness to Europe and North America this coming fall for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

NIS America is Bringing Yomawari: Night Alone to the West

At a press event in the early hours of this morning, NIS America has confirmed that their PS Vita horror title, Yomawari: Night Alone, will be coming to the west in late 2016.

Rodea the Sky Soldier Pushed Back To A November Release

NIS America have announced their decision to delay the upcoming 3DS and Wii U game Rodea the Sky Soldier "due to ongoing technical difficulties"....

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Review, it’s Not What you Think.

I've always been fascinated by some of the games that arrive out of Japan, mostly those of the JRPG variety, but I've always steered clear of them due to not really having the time to pay the full attention to them that they require. That was until I heard about Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed, a fairly unique JRPG which tells the story of a guy who has been turned into a Synthister a type of vampire that feeds on the social energy and drive for life of the patrons of Akihabara, Japan's 'Electric City' where most of the major shops are located, but this isn't a story about being a vampire, because the games protagonist is saved by a girl with a mysterious power, it's then up to you and Shizuku, to take down Synthisters one item of clothing at a time.

Fairy Fencer F Review – Waking a Goddess or Releasing a...

I will first of all say, that I'm not a huge fan of the current trend of JRPGs, instead either falling back on the...
Danganronpa 1

Check Out these New Danganronpa 2 Screen Shots!

NIS America have released a collection of new screen shots for Danganronpa 2 : Goodbye Despair. Goodbye Despair will follow the same formula as Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc with a group of young students taken captive by the murderous remote controlled teddy bear Monokuma. Danganronpa 2 : Goodbye Despair will move the murder games from Hope's Peak Academy to a desert island.

Undress your Foes this October in Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

JRPG's never cease to surprise me, whether it's a game dedicated to finding the perfect "mate," or working hard achieve fame for a physical and heavy chested representation of a games console, these games always seem to throw a curve ball at me. The latest one to surprise me is Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed which NIS America has revealed will be coming to Europe on October 10. In this game, you play as a "walking undead" looking for vampires called "Synthister's" and to defeat them, you've gotta undress them...

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Dispair Trailer

NIS America have released a new trailer for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair the follow up to the brilliant Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Danganronpa follows a group of the best students in the country trapped in a 'school for the gifted' by the insane remote controlled teddy Monokuma. The new trailer, hosted by Monokuma and Usami a rabbit teacher gives a overview of the new game.

NAtURAL DOCtRINE Coming to PlayStation Systems in September

NIS America have announced that NAtURAL DOCtRINE, the hardcore strategy game, will be coming to the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita on September 16th...

Demon Gaze Hits PS Vita in Europe Today

NIS America are well known for producing very niche titles, such as their Disgaea and Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Demon Gaze is no exception to that, being a first-person RPG in a similar style to the Etrian Odyssey games.

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