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Nokia X+ Dual-SIM

It Looks Like our Dream of an Android Powered Nokia Has...

Well, that didn't last very long at all, did it? Our dreams of finally having an Android powered Nokia device has been abruptly snatched out of our hands as Microsoft have announced plans to completely axe the Android inside the Nokia X devices and instead have decided to whack Windows Phone in it instead. Big mistake? I think so.
Nokia X Dual-SIM

The Nokia X Has Already Sold Out in China, Sales Lasted...

When Nokia revealed the Nokia X at the Mobile World Congress last month many were pleased at the sight of a Nokia device running Android, or at least, something that you could run Android apps on. Though the Nokia X isn't available everywhere just yet, that hasn't stopped some companies accepting pre-orders.
Nokia X Dual-SIM

Nokia X Reportedly Already Rooted, Runs Google Apps, Google Play, and...

Nokia's new Nokia X line of smartphones might not be the powerhouses that everyone wants today, but what they do offer is a brand new Nokia experience from the Finish company. Running a forked version of Android, the new Nokia X smartphones can sideload Android apps, but primarily come with a Nokia X Store as well as Microsoft apps such as Skype and OneDrive. That's okay though, as someone's already rooted the phone and whacked a ton of Google lovelyness all over it.
Nokia X Dual-SIMvideo

MWC 2014 | Nokia Finally Unveil the Nokia X.. And the...

For months now we've been debating whether the rumoured forked Android powered Nokia smartphone first known as the Nokia Normandy, then known as the Nokia X, would actually ever manifest itself as an actual device or whether we'd forever be wondering, "what if?" Well this morning Nokia put an end to the debate by unveiling not one, but three Nokia X devices all of which run the forked Android we've all been wetting ourselves over the past few months..

Nokia X / Normandy Appears In Slightly Clearer Pictures Ahead of...

The past few months have been awash with leaks and real-life images of Nokia's rumoured Android powered smartphone, codename Normandy, this forked Android smartphone is set to be a pretty low to mid range device that'll come in a variety of colours as well as the ability to download apps from Nokia's store as well as third party stores - that is if rumours are to be believed.
nokia x tease

Nokia Tease their Android Powered Nokia X Ahead of the Mobile...

Nokia are well known for being blue and white but following the leaked information regarding their rumoured Android powered smartphone known as the Nokia X, the company have been feeling a little green.
Nokia Android UI

Nokia Goes Green, Nokia Normandy Specs “Confirmed”

Yesterday two very interesting things happened surrounding the rumoured imminent release of Nokia's Android smartphone. The first was that Nokia Australia's Facebook and Nokia India's Twitter decided to go green and change both their profile images and cover images to the Nokia Lumia green. The second was @evleaks apparently "confirming" the specifications for the rumoured Nokia X smartphone.
Nokia Android UI

Nokia X Rumoured for Reveal at the Mobile World Congress.

It looks like Nokia's Android powered smartphone might be getting a release after all now new sources surface revealing that the smartphone will be getting revealed at the Mobile World Congress that begins on February 25 in Barcelona.
Nokia Android UI

More Nokia X Specs Leak Ahead of Suspected MWC Launch.

Nokia's rumoured Android powered smartphone, the Nokia X, has been everywhere over the past few weeks. Similar to a couple in a Soap surrounded by sexual tension it's a "will they", "won't they" situation. With Microsoft's acquisition of the Finnish companies mobile division we're not exactly sure if Nokia's forked Android smartphone is going to see the light of day, though various rumours are hinting at a reveal at the Mobile World Congress..
Nokia Android UI

Nokia Normandy’s Real Name Surfaces as Nokia X

Nokia's rumoured Android powered smartphone, codenamed Normandy, has now been given an official name according to serial tipster @evleaks. Nokia X is the name of the forked Android device, which could be seeing a release some time in the next few months.

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