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The New Nokia 3310 is a Disappointment

Let's face it, those of us who grew up in the nineties have fond memories of the Nokia 3310. So to hear that HMD Global were to bring back the famously indestructible phone complete with the Nokia license, we were likely pretty excited.

The Nokia 3310 is Making a Comeback

2017 might just be the year that I finally get my hands on a Nokia 3310 as the company plans to relaunch "the most reliable mobile phone" at MWC 2017 according to Evan Blass.

Nokia is to Dive Back Into the Phone and Tablet Market...

With Microsoft and Nokia's mobile business arrangement coming to an end, Nokia has announced that it'll be getting back into the smartphone and tablet biz thanks to a new licensing agreement.

Microsoft Sells Off Feature Phone Division to Foxconn

Microsoft has announced that it's selling its feature phone business to Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxxconn for $350 million.

Nokia Dives into Wearables and Health with Planned Withthings Purchase

Nokia has today announced that its going to purchase French health and wearable company, Withthings for 170 million Euro.

WhatsApp to Drop Support for Blackberry and Nokia OS’

WhatsApp has announced today that the popular messaging application will not be supported on Blackberry and a number of Nokia devices by the end of this year.
Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO is a VR Camera designed for filmmakers

If you have seen some of the interactive trailers around YouTube lately then you might want to get ready for more as Nokia has a brand new toy.

Nokia is Returning to Smartphones

Despite Nokia saying that it wouldn't be making the return to manufacturing phones in 2016 when the deal between Microsoft and Nokia is up, the company has recently revealed that it will be designing smartphones once again.

Nokia Denies Smartphone Plans for 2016

Following the deal with Microsoft that saw Nokia ship off its smartphone division to the Redmond company a deal was also made to ensure that Nokia wouldn't be allowed to manufacture smartphones until 2016. So it came as no real surprise that reports indicated that once the contract was up, Nokia would be back at it bringing virtual reality tech with them. Unfortunately that's not the case as Nokia has denied all claims that it'll be re-entering the smartphone biz.

Nokia to Make a Return in 2016 with Smartphones and VR

Though Nokia's smartphone biz was purchased by Microsoft and as a result agreed to not make any smartphones until 2016, when that time eventually comes, Nokia is planning to return. That is according to sources speaking with Re/code. When this time also comes, not only will they be returning to the smartphone scene, they'll be coming with their own virtual reality too.
nokia n1 – 2

The Nokia N1 Sells 20,000 Units in just Four Minutes in...

We were all pretty surprised when Nokia announced the Nokia N1 last year, a tablet that looks remarkably like the iPad Mini and runs Android. It looked like a pretty good little tablet however, something that many people in China couldn't wait to get their hands on, as the company sold their entire stock of tablets in just over four minutes.

The Nokia 215 Will Put the Internet in your Hands for...

Oddly enough, despite Microsoft removing the Nokia name from their Lumia smartphones, Microsoft is still keen to use the Nokia name. That's evident with the Nokia 215, a feature phone with a difference. That difference? It's connected to the Internet.

Renders of the Android-powered Nokia C1 Leak, Look Familiar?

Nokia surprised all of us in November when they announced the Nokia N1 tablet, a device which looked remarkably like the iPad Mini. Now, even more surprisingly, they seem to be working on an Android-powered smartphone, the Nokia C1 which looks remarkably like.. you guessed it, the iPhone 6.
nokia n1 – 2

Nokia has Just Announced the Nokia N1, an Android Powered Tablet...

So earlier this year Nokia sold off their devices and services unit to Microsoft and in that deal Nokia promised to not use its name on any smartphones until 2016 and on any feature phones for another ten years. Fortunately for Nokia that meant that they were free to make a Nokia branded tablet and as of today, that's exactly what they've done. Introducing the Nokia N1, a brand new Android powered tablet which looks a lot like an iPad Mini, oh and it's the first device to use the reversable USB type-C connector.

The Nokia Name Lives on as the Company Plans to Licence...

Soon we might be seeing Nokia fridges, TVs, and Microwaves as Nokia has today announced plans to license its name to third party manufacturers. Since selling its mobile and devices division to Microsoft, the Finnish company agreed to not use the Nokia name on Smartphones until the end of 2016, and on feature phones for another ten years, but that doesn't mean Nokia can't add their name to other products and that's exactly what they plan to do.

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