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God Eater

Bandai Namco Reveals God Eater, Tales and More for Westen Release

Bandai Namco have recently revealed that they will be releasing a number of games to the West next year including the much wanted God Eater and God Eater 2.
One Piece Burning Blood New Characters #5

One Piece: Burning Blood Reveals New Characters

It looks like the One Piece franchise is looking to expand into all kinds of action game genres - we've had the successful One Piece: Pirate Warriors series which applied the stretchy arms and unique art style of the venerable anime series to the Musou/Dynasty Warriors gameplay style, and now we've got One Piece: Burning Blood setting sail to arrive next year, which will allow players to pit their favourite characters in 3 vs. 3 brawls anyone who's played J-Stars Victory VS will be immediately familiar with.
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Review – Action Gum Gum

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, developed by Omega Force, is the latest instalment in the Pirate Warriors series. Being a fan of both One Piece and the Pirate Warriors series I was very excited to get hands on with One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and for the first time, on PlayStation 4 as well.

One Piece Unlimited World RED Review

One Piece. An anime I've never really delved into. I watched the first two episodes before realising that there's about 300 more to trawl through. Here at n3 Josh Young and I reviewed the game in a video from two perspectives - a longtime fan of the show, and a total newbie. I was the newbie.
One Piece_doflamingo01_1395999816

One Piece Unlimited World Red Encourages Second Playthrough With Added Difficulty...

Bandai Namco have announced that One Piece Unlimited World Red will include a new difficult mode for players once they have completed the story encouraging players to once again jump into the world of One Piece.
One Piece 2video

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Gets a New Trailer

A brand new trailer for One Piece: Unlimited World Red has revealed a bunch of new information of the game including new characters playable in the Coliseum mode, and who will feature as boss fights. We also get a glimpse of the story mode too.

Are You Ready To Enter The Coliseum In One Piece Unlimited...

"I am going to be King of the Pirates" Bandai Namco have revealed more details about the Battle Coliseum mode in One Piece Unlimited World Red....

One Piece Unlimited World Red Recieves New Trailer And Release Date

Bandai Namco have released a deluge of new information today, one of the pieces is a new trailer for One Piece Unlimited World Red. The Trailer highlights some of the new features in the game as well as a look at some of the villains that will appear in the game.

One Piece Unlimited World Red Recieves New Characters And Mode.

One Piece Unlimited World Red will reiceve new content for its European and Australasian releases. The Grand Colosseum Mode based on the events of...

One Piece Film: Strong World Is Coming To The UK!

A new trailer for the 10th One Piece Film has been released by Manga UK. One Piece Film: Strong World, or just Strong World takes place around the Impel Down story arc and follows Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew as they try to rescue Nami from the Golden Lion Shiki the first person to ever escape the terrible Impel Down prison.

Continue The Search For One Piece In One Piece Unlimited World...

Bandai Namco yesterday announced a new brand game based on one of the world most successful mangas, One Piece, is coming to Europe and Australasia. One Piece Unlimited World Red will feature Monkey D. Luffy and the other members of his ship Thousand Sunny as they travel the New World seeking adventure and treasure.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Review

The world of One Piece has always been a bit odd to those who don' t really don't understand the whole idea behind it. That and if your new to Anime. Though I'm still ages behind on the story I'm aware of enough of One Piece to get rather excited about this game. The question is, can One Piece work in game form?

One Piece: Romance Dawns coming to 3DS

Hold onto your hats One Piece fans Namco Bandai has announced that One Piece is going to be adapted to the 3DS titles One Piece: Romance Dawns which will give everybody who plays an authentic RPG experience of the Eiichiro Oda classic.

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