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OUYA’s Game Store is Closing

OUYA, the tiny Android console that never could, is closing its storefront later this year, ringing the final death toll for the controversial crowdfunder. Razer,...
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Razer to Honour OUYA’s Debts to Developers

Yesterday reports revealed that following the sale of OUYA's software and technical team to peripheral maker, Razer, OUYA told developers that the money they owed them as part of the Free the Games Fund, will not be honoured. Further reports suggested OUYA remained to pay a total of $600,000 to multiple developers, which was a pretty big sum. Thankfully, Razer has stepped up and has said that they'll honour OUYA's debts

OUYA Apparently Owes Thousands to “Free the Games Fund” Developers

In an effort to get developers to create games exclusively for the OUYA, the company decided to use some of its $8.5 million Kickstarter funding to match the money earned by developers on their own crowdfunding campaign, which seemed like a fantastic idea, provided developers raised a minimum of $10,000 with a minimum of 100 backers.
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Razer Confirms OUYA Buyout as Julie Uhrman Departs

Following the months of strong rumours that Razer were eyeing up OUYA after the latter company was searching for a buyer, the has now been confirmed by Razer who has acquired OUYA's "content catalog and online retail platform."
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OUYA has been Acquired by Razer

In amongst the kerfuffle of E3 a transaction was taking place which saw popular gaming peripheral maker Razer acquire the troubled Kickstarted Android-powered microconsole, OUYA. Though neither company has confirmed the news, it was quietly revealed by investment bank
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OUYA is Looking to be Sold.. Fast.

The OUYA went down hill pretty darn fast. After earning itself millions of dollars in one of the most well known Kickstarter campaigns, things just spiralled out of control. The company and the console itself has had its fair share of controversies and has caused many developers to speak out about its issues, and since then the Android-powered console had very little in the way of positive publicity. So it comes as no surprise that the company is wanting to shift the business else where, and fast.

Report Suggests OUYA has Recieved $10 Million Investment from E-Commerce Company...

Remember the OUYA? I vaguely do.. If I recall it was that Android-powered microconsole which managed to secure a ton of cash via Kickstarter. Yeah, that's right! It's also the same company who used a chunk of that cash to encourage developers to create games for the console, to which many took advantage, only to turn around and offer all of these games and more to players for a small subscription fee, offering developers little to no return if their games were downloaded and played.

OUYA Announces ‘All-Access Pass,’ Pissing Off Developers Once Again.

Oh the OUYA, the tiny console that could. When it was first announced on Kickstarter the internet went wild and managed to raise around $8.5 million to put this tiny console in development. Since its release however, the Android-powered console has had little-to-no traction and if anything, the company behind the micro console have done more bad than good, trying to get developers on board.

OUYA Changes Main Policy, Games No Longer Require a Free Trial.

When the OUYA was first launched on Kickstarter one of the main companies policies was that every game coming to the micro-console would require some sort of free-to-try option. During the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week the company revealed that in April studios will no longer require to add a free trial.
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Upgraded Version of OUYA released in North America

Android-powered Kickstarter success story OUYA has had an update to build on the success of the first budget games console...
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OUYA Now Accepts Bitcoin

OUYA the tiny Android based gaming system has just opened their doors to the cyber currency Bitcoin as a form of accepted payment on their games store.

OUYA Hit Towerfall Won’t Have Online Multiplayer when it Hits PlayStation...

If you don't know by now the indie hit, Towerfall, is making it's way onto PlayStation 4 and PC following the games success on the OUYA, the Android based mini-console. That news alone was pleasing for some, but it turns out the PS4 and PC versions won't be coming with online multiplayer.
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OUYA Redesigns Controller But You Won’t Know if You Have it...

The OUYA, sadly, has many flaws. It contains components which are now fairly out dated, it's online-store offers a good variety of games, all of them offer a free trial too, but it doesn't sync with Google Play so you'll have to re-purchase most of the games you already own. Finally, the biggest gripe that everyone has with the OUYA is it's controller.

Rose and Time resurfaces on Ouya.

Rose and Time, the time travelling stealth game has returned to the OUYA store after creator, Sophie Houlden, pulled the game off the marketplace after a dispute over the "Free the Games Fund" campaign held by OUYA. The Free the Games Fund became very controversial after people had reported suspicious behaviour surrounding the Kickstarters involved with the campaign.

Is OUYA’s ‘Free the Games Fund’ Scheme Getting Scammed?

Over the course of the past month or so OUYA introduced a new scheme to encourage developers to create games for their $99 console. The OUYA isn't exactly chock full of games so in comes the 'Free the Games Fund' to save the day. But it seems that not everyone is using this generosity for the good of the console.

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