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Cities Skylines Natural Disasters Livestream

Cities: Skylines Launches Later this Month on Xbox One

Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition will launch on April 21.
cities: skylines

Cities: Skylines Celebrates Two-year Anniversary with Free DLC

If you all didn't know, Cities: Skylines is being ported to the Xbox One in the spring, so you'd be forgiven in thinking that work on the PC version had slowed and been pushed to the side a little bit.
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Blimps and More come to Cities: Skylines in Mass Transit Expansion

Sure, you've got busses, trams, and trains, but what if your city dwellers want to travel in style? Well you'll be pleased to know that in the upcoming expansion for Cities: Skylines, that's exactly what's they can do.
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Cities: Skylines is Coming to Xbox One, Windows 10

Incredibly complex yet rewarding city builder, Cities: Skylines, is coming to consoles and Windows 10 Store later this year, Paradox Interactive has announced.
PDX Con 2017

Paradox Interactive Announces PDX Con 2017

Paradoix Interactive, the developer behind hit titles such as Cities Skylines, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, and Hearts of Iron, has this week announced PDX Con 2017, an upcoming convention for their huge community of fans and players that'll take place in Stockholm next Summer.
Cities Skylines Natural Disasters Livestream

New Cities: Skylines Livestream Guaranteed To Be Disastrous… In A Good...

We all love our Cities: Skylines creations. From humble beginnings to a gorgeous, intricate map of roads, landmarks and buildings, and before you know...

In Obsidian’s New RPG Tyranny, Evil has Won But you Have...

Announced in March and further unveiled at the PC Gaming Show at E3 last week, Obsidian demod their latest RPG effort, Tyranny, a game where evil has truly won, and players serve as a bad guy to said evil, but the tables can quickly turn, if you so wish.
cities skylines match day

Cities: Skylines Celebrates the Euro 2016 with Stadium DLC

To celebrate the kick off of the Euro 2016 football event thing, Paradox Interactive has released a new bit of free DLC for Cities: Skylines called Match Day.

Stellaris Review – Space has its Highs and Lows

If exploring a vast, open and endless galaxy is something you have always dreamed of doing that say hello to Stellaris, developed by Paradox Development Studio. Offering the chance to do just that, with exploration being at the core of the games design, Stellaris will let you develop and grow your empire as you journey through the systems in pursuit of victory. With a number of complex systems in place and countless options to explore and grow, Stellaris will make sure you can develop just as you would like. That said however, does Stellaris hold up throughout the experience and can this strategy game stand strong till the end?

Stellaris Day One Sales Breaks Paradox Records

Yesterday saw the launch of Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio's sci-fi RTS, Stellaris, and in just 24 hours the game has completely smashed records for the publisher.
cities skylines snowfall

Snowfall Due to Arrive in Cities: Skylines on February 18

The newest expansion for Paradox Interactive's city-builder, Cities: Skylines is set to arrive on February 18 the publisher announced this week.

Cities: Skylines is About to Get Chilly with New Expansion

First we had the darkness with Cities: Skylines - After Dark, now Winter is coming, in a brand new expansion Cities: Skylines - Snowfall, Paradox Interactive announced this week.
cities: skylines

Cities: Skylines is Getting Pirated, Paradox Interactive Has a Solution

This weekend Paradox Interactive shared some information about their latest city building sim, Cities Skylines, revealing that in just 24 hours the game had sold 250,000 copies. What they also revealed was that by day 2, the game had been pirated by around 16 per cent of players. Though you might think this would cause Paradox to introduce some sort of measure to stop this, they've done one even better: provided a more superior experience for paying players, than pirates.

Cities: Skylines Sells 250K Copies in 24 Hours

Paradox Interactive announced this week that Cities: Skylines has set a new record for the publisher with the game shifting 250K copies in just 24 hours. That's a pretty impressive record for any publisher. The game's success is likely due to its absolutely enormous map, and city-sim fans wanting something better than EA's latest cash-grab, SimCity.

Scotland’s Ruffian Games Returns with Action Shooty Shooty Game – Hollowpoint

The developers of Crackdown 2 are back on the scene, this time with something a little different from the open world nature of Crackdown. Announced at Gamescom last week, Ruffian Games announced Hollowpoint, a co-op based action shooter which is set for release exclusively first on PlayStation 4.

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