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Payday 2 For Switch Won’t Be Up To Date on Release

Starbreeze will be releasing Payday 2 on the Nintendo Switch later this month, finally making it available for every major home console out there....

Payday 2 VR Mode and Ultimate Edition Announced

Overkill Software has announced that Payday 2 will be getting its own VR mode as well as a brand new Ultimate Edition for players to purchase.

Payday 2 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

For those of you that haven't played it yet, Payday 2 is a first person shooter in which you and a team of criminals...

n3rdabl3’s Top Five Board Games: Video Games Begging to be a...

With the tidal wave on interest behind it, it's fair to say that Dark Souls The Board Game is going to be huge. And with success like this, we might be seeing a few more video games make the leap from our screens to our tables.

Payday 3 Announced, Payday 2 Ditches Microtransactions

Last year, things weren't going too well with Payday 2 after Overkill unveiled a new microtransaction system which essentially required players to pay for "drills" to unlock specific safes. This left players in uproar and ever since the developers have been trying their best to make things right, though those attempts backfired.

Payday 2 Tries to Win Back Players with Goat Simulator DLC

What better way to win back fans of your game after you royally screwed them over than to ask them to stump up more cash for DLC which makes literally no sense? Sounds silly right, well that's what Overkill have done with some new DLC for the PC version of Payday 2.

Payday 2 Developer Apologises, “We Screwed Up”

In an attempt to quell the mob, Overkill Software has once again issued an apology for royally screwing over fans of their co-operative robbery sim, Payday 2, with an update that introduced mandatory microtransactions in order to unlock items awarded post-game.

Overkill Responds to Payday 2 Microtransaction Debacle in 2 Hour Interview

Overkill hasn't been in players' best books over the past couple of months, and it doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon. But at least Overkill aren't ignoring what's going on, right? Well, sort of. In response to all of the drama recently, Overkill's Almir Listo sat down with Steam Moderators to discuss the changes made to the game which has caused such an uproar.
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Payday 2 Developer Talks Microtransactions, Makes Things Worse

The developers of Payday 2 haven't made it easy for themselves as of late. First by bringing in microtransactions, then making them less... mandatory, and now in an AMA on reddit has made the situation a lot worse.

Payday 2 Developers Backpedal on Controversial Microtransaction

The developers of Payday 2 have released a brand new update to the PC version of the game which makes the controversial microtransaction, which was required in order for players to unlock certain loot, a little less harsh.

Payday 2 Developers Introduce Microtransactions, Fans are Pissed

It's certainly heartwarming when a developer promises to not go down the route of microtransactions to then introduce microtransactions later down the line. I am of course kidding, that's probably more frustrating than actually just adding microtransactions. Unfortunately that's exactly what Payday 2 developer Overkill has done.

Payday 2 Xbox One 8GB Patch Rolls Out… Fails to Fix...

After 505 Games revealed that a patch was incoming for the Xbox One edition of Payday 2, it arrived this weekend, but oddly Overkill didn't release any patches, and when asked about what the 8GB patch fixed, the Payday Twitter account simply replied "fixes broken sh!t ;)".

Payday 2 Gets a Handful of New Content and a Female...

The PC version of Payday 2 is getting a bag full of new content today in the form of a brand new heist and an all new character. Clover, as she's called is the first female member of the Payday crew and comes with her own unique weapons and mask as well as new perks that focus on breaking and entering.

Payday 2 Wishes you a Very Sweary Christmas in New Video

If you're getting dragged out into the gold to go carolling this Christmas, Payday 2 have version of The Twelve Days of Christmas which you can take with you to ensure that you're never invited carolling ever again. Overkill have released a brand new festive Payday 2 video where our masked maniacs sing a well known Christmas ditty with their own unique and sweary twist, which is actually pretty funny.
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Keanu Reeves is Going to be in Payday 2… Sort of..

Starbreeze and 505 Games have this week announced the arrival of a brand new chunk of DLC that's hit the PC version of their...

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