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Real Time Strategy Game, Ancestors, Announced

Games publisher 1C has announced Ancestors, a real time strategy (RTS) game for Windows PC, and Xbox One. The game will be a squad-based RTS...

Is ‘Beat Cop’ a Good Cop, or Bad Cop? – Review

Is 'Beat Cop' an indie winner? Or will it end up a bloody mess, cowering from the gaming mafia in a dingy alleyway.

Surreal Exploration Game Anamorphine Coming Later This Year

A new story teaser for Anamorphine has been released, along with the news that the game will be coming to PC, Xbox One and VR devices later this year.
cities: skylines

Cities: Skylines Celebrates Two-year Anniversary with Free DLC

If you all didn't know, Cities: Skylines is being ported to the Xbox One in the spring, so you'd be forgiven in thinking that work on the PC version had slowed and been pushed to the side a little bit.

Microsoft Twitch Competitor ‘Beam’ Now Available to Insiders

In August 2016, Microsoft acquired Beam, an interactive livestreaming service. Big companies often buy smaller ones to incorporate their software into their own, but Microsoft has a cleverer idea it seems. Windows 10 Insiders, those who preview new features in the operating system, have reported the existence of a new streaming app!
Halo Wars 2 Horizontal Key Art

Halo Wars 2 Review – Back in the Trenches

Halo Wars is heralded as a pioneer in bringing Real-Time Strategy games to the console platforms. It got some undeserved but expected flak considering it was trying something new and understandably didn't have all the kinks worked out.
A more modern inflection on the Liberty style

Dishonored 2 Review – And They Say Video Games Aren’t Art…

Seemingly infinite freedom in intricately crafted spaces helps propel this stunning sequel beyond the reaches of it's predecessor - but it's not perfect.

n3 Gift Guide – This Year’s Must Have Video Games

This year has been pretty fantastic for video games, not only did we get the usual suspects, but we also got some pretty fantastic surprises throughout the year. That being said, not every game was obtainable as many had their cash set aside for something else.
watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 PC Release Delayed

Watch Dogs 2 will be arriving two weeks later than expected for the PC elites, and Ubisoft post a long list of PC specs for the upcoming title.
Master of Orion Titles

Reflections on ‘Master of Orion’ and the Role of Strategy UI

'Master of Orion' is a strategy title with one hell of a good UI - it's improved on the Civ system of seeing all, but how? And what is it about Civ's info panels that grind my gears?
Master of Orion

Master of Orion Review – Terraforming the Future of Strategy

'Master of Orion' follows in the footsteps of the 1993 spaces strategy title, 'Master of Orion' - but does it do justice to one of the most celebrated strategy games of the 90's? Or has 4X killed another big name? Find out in this review.

Metal Gear Survive is your next Metal Gear Game

If you were wondering what was going to happen to the Metal Gear series now that creator Hideo Kojima has moved on then the wait is over. Konami have announced that the next entry in the Metal Gear series will be Metal Gear Survive, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.
rise of the tomb raider

It Looks Like Denuvo can be Cracked After All

Earlier this year PC game pirates admitted defeat after finding that the latest Denuvo DRM protection was a little too hard to crack. However, a few months later it looks like they've had some success as Denuvo has been cracked wide open causing illegal versions of the latest titles to be released online.
fallout 4 cats

Fallout 4 Mods are Being Hosted on Xbox One Without Creators...

Bethesda recently introduced the ability for Xbox One players to download mods for Fallout 4, something that was previously reserved for PC players, and while it seems like a step in the right direction, something not so good is happening...

Rocket League gets Cross Platform Play on Xbox One / PC

The Xbox One version of Rocket League is now cross platform compatible with PC, developer Psyonix announced today.

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