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Peter Molyneux Aims For The Switch

The name Peter Molyneux is one in the gaming community draped in controversy and often brings out the torches and pitchforks when mentioned. The man...

Peter Molyneux is ‘Totally Be Up For” Making a new Fable...

Peter Molyneux, ex-Lionhead co-founder and now 22Cans, has recently said in an interview that he would be definitely up for making a Fable 4.
Godus 2013-10-05 15-18-29-11

The Failed Promises of Godus and how Devolver Digital Stepped in...

This week has been pretty hectic for Godus developer 22 Cans, the studio founded by veteran developer Peter Molyneux. First, a candid report revealed...

Peter Molyneux Also Thinks Microsoft Will Launch an Xbox One without...

22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux has joined video gaming analyst Michael Patcher in saying that Microsoft will be releasing an Xbox One console without the bundled Kinect saying that it's “unthinkable” that the company won’t release a model without it.
Dungeon Keeperr

Peter Molyneux hits out at new mobile Dungeon Keeper

Creator of the original 1997 Dungeon Keeper game, Peter Molyneux, has hit out at the new mobile iteration calling the reboot "Ridiculous".
Godus 2013-10-05 15-18-29-11

GODUS 1.3 Update adds Bronze Age and Weather System.

22 Cans God sim, GODUS has been available through Steams Early Access scheme for a few months now and the team have been keen to share updates on the game that's currently only 41% complete. The latest update, 1.3, adds a few new features to the game as well as finally allowing players to enter the Bronze Age.

Play GODUS First on September 13

22 Cans' studio head Peter Molyneux has announced that his new game GODUS will be coming to Steams Early Access and you'll be able to play it first on September 13th for for $19.99, £14.99 or €18.99 before anyone else - unless they opt for the early access too..

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity is now able to re-grow. If you pay.

Remember away back when Peter Molyneux talked about his newest ‘game’ called Curiosity? The whole point was to tap away cubes to work out what was at the centre. Well now, with the latest update you can not only remove cubes, but add them.

22 Cans & Project Godus.

Those of you unfamiliar with 22Cans, we previously wrote about one of their games Curiosity. Curiosity is a game where millions of people around...

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