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Sony to Replace Offensive IDs with Placeholders

PSN name changes might be here, but Sony has revealed that offensive names will be replaced without warning. Sony has submitted to the requests made...

PlayStation Store Refund Policy Changed

Sony has made some changes to the PlayStation Store's refund policy which might make deciding to digitally pre-order games a little easier. Previously, getting a...

Sony to Host First State of Play Livestream Next Week

Sony has announced that it'll be hosting a State of Play livestream next week where it'll be announcing new game news. After its decision to duck out...

PS4 Surpasses 91.6 Million Units over Christmas

After a strong holiday season, Sony has announced that PS4 sales have surpassed 91.6 million units. The PlayStation 4 is well on the way to...

5 Incredible Titles for Your New PlayStation 4

Happy Holidays! Some lucky folk among you might have been treated to a brand spanking new PlayStation 4 this year from Santa,...

Patent Points to Possible Touch Screen PlayStation Controller

Sony might be planning a touch-screen equipped controller for the PlayStation, according to a Patent application continuation. Sony's PlayStation controller is the perfect example of...

PlayStation 4 Worldwide Sales Surpass 85 Million Units

Sony has revealed that their family of PS4 consoles, the PS4, and the PS4 Pro, have collectively sold 86.1 million units.

Dream Daddy is Drifting off to the PlayStation 4

Dream Daddy is set to seduce its way onto the PlayStation 4. Oh, daddy. Don't worry, you did read that right. Dream Daddy is set to slide...

PS4 Message Exploit is Bricking Consoles

Several reports this weekend have warned PS4 players to set their messages to private following a message that's been making the rounds which has been causing players to factory reset their PlayStation 4 consoles.

Xbox Boss Responds to Sony’s Statement on Cross Network Play

Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra has spoken out on Twitter following a statement from Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida which said "PlayStation is the better place to play," in regards to cross-network play.

Sony is Blocking Cross-Network Play Because PlayStation is the Best

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has revealed the real reason why the company is avoiding cross-network play, because "PlayStation is the best place to play".

PlayStation 4 Shipped Numbers Hit 82.2 Million, PS Plus Numbers Fall

Sony's quarterly financial results are in, revealing that the PlayStation 4 is sitting at a tidy 82.2 million consoles shipped to retailers. During Q1, Sony shipped...

Sony’s Stance on Cross-Network Play is all About Business

Sony's stance on cross-network play has received a fair bit of backlash as of late, especially recently when players discovered that Epic Games accounts previously linked to PSN accounts could not access Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 Won’t be as Big as Other Years

Sony has announced when it'll be kicking off its PlayStation Experience 2017 keynote and has added that it won't be as big as other events from past years.

PlayStation Trophies to be Used as PSN Currency

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 players in North America can now trade-in their Trophies in exchange for PSN credit.

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