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PlayStation Now Users Prefer Downloads Over Streaming

If you log onto any tech site at the moment you’d quite naturally assume that the future of gaming lay in the rapidly evolving...
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PlayStation 4 Games Land on PlayStation Now

Sony has announced that a handful of PlayStation 4 games are now available to play through PlayStation Now, an absolutely huge announcement for Sony's game streaming platform.
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Sony Discontinues The Best Thing about PlayStation Now

Sony has today discontinued PlayStation Now for pretty much every platform but the PlayStation 4 and PC, destroying the best part of the service for those who can't afford a current-gen console.

Sony is Bringing PlayStation Now and DualShock 4 Support to PC

Remember a little while ago when Sony filed a trademark for a new dongle that'll bring native DualShock 4 support to PCs? Well, it's finally become a reality as Sony unveiled the new peripheral yesterday alongside the announcement that their game-streaming service PlayStation Now would also be coming to PC.
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PS Now Comes to PS Vita and PlayStation TV in North...

Sony has released the August PlayStaton Now update, which unlike usual only comes with five games, but that's not what we care about right now, what we care about is that PS Now is now compatible with the PS Vita and PlayStation TV.
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The UK Pricing for PlayStation Now is Too Damn High!

Much like PlayStation Now when it launched in beta form in the US, the UK version of the gaming streaming service is awash with expensive rental prices which are "subject to change." The PlayStation Now beta for the UK has recently launched into paid rental mode, which shows some pretty expensive pricing for the service with a two-day rental costing £4.99.
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Sony Reveals Date for PlayStation Now Subscriptions on PlayStation 3

PlayStation Now's subscriptions have been in tests on the PlayStation 4 for some time now, and though it's one of the main platforms for the service, those currently clinging onto their PlayStation 3 and PS Vita's are wondering exactly when their turn is coming. Fortunately Sony has revealed all, and PlayStation 3 subscription support should be coming by the end of the month.
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PlayStation Now Starts Private Beta in the UK

Sony Computer Entertainment has today announced that this spring, they'll be starting a private beta test for their PlayStation streaming service, PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now leverages cloud-based technology to allow PlayStation players the ability to stream previous-generation PlayStation titles on their PlayStation 4 either by way of subscription or via a tiered rental cost.
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PlayStation Now Monthly Subscriptions Detailed

Finally! Sony has unveiled how much it'll set you back if you want to subscribe to PlayStation Now for what Sony are calling "unlimited" access to a huge library of games from various PlayStation consoles.
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PlayStation Now Open Beta Begins on PlayStation TV and PS Vita...

Those of you in North America that are eyeing up the PlayStation TV or own a PS Vita will soon be able to hop onto the PlayStation Now beta and easily rent and stream PlayStation 3 and other classic titles from next week! Yes, that means you'll be able to play games like The Last of Us on your PS Vita, all you need is a decent Internet Connection and the cash to rent one the title for a set period of time. The beta begins on October 13 to coincide with the launch of the PlayStation TV.
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PlayStation Now Lands on PlayStation 3 in the US

Sony have this week confirmed that their game streaming service, PlayStation Now, has landed in Open Beta on their last-gen console, the PlayStation 3. The beta is available in parts of the US and Canada and offer PlayStation 3 players the chance to rent and stream various available titles over the net.
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Gamescom 2014: PlayStation TV Coming to Europe in November, PlayStation Now...

Finally Europe have been given some PlayStation related news that they've been waiting to hear for a long time! PlayStation Now and PlayStation TV are on their way to our shores, though we still have a little while to wait. Sony announced during their press conference at Gamescom this evening that PlayStation TV will be coming to Europe as early as November, as for PlayStation Now that has just come out of closed beta in the US, is getting a beta in Europe next year.
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PlayStation Now is Now Open to All in the US, Prices...

Sony's PlayStation Now, a service which offers digital rentals to PlayStation owners, is set to come out of closed Beta today opening the floodgates for all in North America to try the game streaming platform. PlayStation Now is set to offer the ability for players to play last-generation games on their PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Now streaming service. The service has been in closed beta for some time and there have been some concerns over the high prices of some of the games rentals but hopefully that could change.
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PlayStation Now Rumoured to Transfer PSN Bought Games

According to some recent news, a member of NeoGAF, 'Bastion', has spotted a hint that your already purchased PSN games may just transfer into your Playstation Now library. Considering the amount of money some of us have plied into Sony's store, this is great news for those who are worried about having to repurchase or rent games they already own.
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Why PlayStation Now Will be My Only Step onto the PlayStation...

I sit firmly in the Xbox camp. I have both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One and I certainly have no plans on sniffing a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 despite both consoles offering some pretty awesome looking exclusive titles. But there's a reason for this, I'm not being a console elitist, I'm actually holding out for PlayStation Now to land in the UK.

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