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Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X & Y Sells 12 Million Copies, Become the Fastest...

In October last year one of the most anticipated titles for the 3DS, Pokémon X & Y, launched worldwide. Nintendo revealed today that collectively, both games sold 12 million copies to date making Pokémon X & Y the fastest selling 3DS games in history.
Pokemon X and Y

Free Pokémon Game When you Register your 3DS, 2DS or 3DS...

Well, as if there wasn't reason enough to get a 3DS, Nintendo just added even more...
Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X/Y Patch Now Available from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Fixes...

Pokémon X/Y fans, head to the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now to grab the latest patch from Nintendo which causes the Lumiose City save bug to faint, stopping the game-ending crash from happening.
Pokemon X and Y

Now Open: Our Pokémon X/Y Trading Thread.

Since the new update we've been thinking of ways to get you, the reader, more involved in our community. We've now got an entire Social Network intertwined within n3rdabl3, not only can you sign-up and freely comment on every post without waiting for it to be approved, you can join in on discussions surrounding your favourite console or game!
Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo Are Working on a Fix for Pokémon X/Y Game Breaking...

Earlier this week we wrote that some users were experiencing a game breaking bug in Pokémon X and Y which occurred specifically around Lumiose City. This bug rendered the entire save file useless causing players to start again.
Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X/Y: Top Six from Generation 6

Right off the bat, or the Noivern, these are a personal standpoint on the most interesting Pokémon coming to the fore in Pokémon X/Y. These aren't necessarily the most powerful or the cutest Pokémon to be coming to Pokémon's 6th Generation but they are the ones that stand out to this Pokémon fan and writer. Anyroad. Instead of randomly warbling, time for a little actual content.
Mega Charizard X and Yvideo

Pokemon X/Y: Mega Charizard and Stone Trading!

Last month, it was made public that one of the most renowned Pokémon in Game Freak/Creatures Inc's globally acclaimed video game series, Charizard, would be in line to obtain a further Mega Evolution in the newest additions to the franchise, the upcoming and highly anticipated Pokémon X & Y; an extraordinarily powerful form, limited to only a few selected Pokémon.
Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y Pre-orders Hit Well Over 1.26 Million.

It's pretty obvious that one of the biggest titles to come out this year that doesn't involve guns, is Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS. Set to be the first 3D Pokémon video game as well as featuring the return of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and the all new Mega Evolutions, this game is going to be big.
COD ghost

Call of Duty Ghosts Confirmed at Eurogamer Expo 2013!

Call of Duty fans rejoice! Call of Duty Ghosts will be at Eurogamer Expo 2013! Activisions hotly anticipated title in the CoD series will have a stand at the expo this year showcasing online gameplay...

Pokémon Teases a “Surprise” for Tomorrow.

Yesterday the Pokemon twitter account baited all its followers with a special announcement for September 16, tomorrow, which they have stated is going to be a surprise.

Pokémon X and Y Litleo Evolution, Pyroar Reveal Trailer

In Pokémon X and Y we'll find a Pokémon named Litleo and this little bugger's evolution goes by the name of Pyroar and you can see his reveal trailer right here!

Mewtwo has More Than One Mega Evolution in Pokémon X and...

Serebii.net revealed a bunch of scans from Japanese Magzine Coro Coro which show a whole host of information for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y this week showing us an insight into more Pokémon Mega Evoltions as well as what the second evolutions look like for the starter Pokémon Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin.
Pokemon X and Y

More Pokémon Mega Evolutions to be Revealed Next Week!

Serebii.net have revealed that on September 15th's episode of Pokémon Smash more Pokémon Mega Evolutions will be revealed an episode they're calling an XY Institute Special.

Pokémon X & Y pre-orders in Japan come with mini figure...

The Japanese are crazy for Pokémon and quite rightly so, it originated in their country and it's an awesome game. When it comes to Pokémon the Japanese don't do things by halves. Our Pokémon X and Y pre-orders come with a pretty cool but quite generic Pokéball 3DS case, the Japanese pre-orders come with both an exclusive artbook as well as a Pokémon mini figure!
Pokemon X and Y

Mega Evolve your Pokémon during battle in Pokémon X and Y

Remember a while ago when we were introduced to that Pokémon that looked like Mewtwo but wasn't quite Mewtwo? Well the latest news from The Pokémon Company explains exactly who that character is and how they appeared.

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