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Pokemon Bank

Pokémon Bank for Nintendo 3DS is Now Available in Europe and...

Over Christmas Nintendo attempted to launch the Nintendo Bank for the Nintendo 3DS, the launch was intended to be worldwide but as soon as word got out that it was in the Nintendo eShop everyone went mad. Mad enough to crash the entire eShop across the world so Nintendo decided to pull the app, and roll it out slowly.
Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X/Y Patch Now Available from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Fixes...

Pokémon X/Y fans, head to the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now to grab the latest patch from Nintendo which causes the Lumiose City save bug to faint, stopping the game-ending crash from happening.
Pokemon X and Y

Now Open: Our Pokémon X/Y Trading Thread.

Since the new update we've been thinking of ways to get you, the reader, more involved in our community. We've now got an entire Social Network intertwined within n3rdabl3, not only can you sign-up and freely comment on every post without waiting for it to be approved, you can join in on discussions surrounding your favourite console or game!
Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo Are Working on a Fix for Pokémon X/Y Game Breaking...

Earlier this week we wrote that some users were experiencing a game breaking bug in Pokémon X and Y which occurred specifically around Lumiose City. This bug rendered the entire save file useless causing players to start again.

Pokémon X and Y Review

Back through the mists of time in 1996 a game series came to the Nintendo Gameboy that changed the gaming environment for millions of people. No matter who you were you could play and enjoy Pokémon. It has brought people together the world over and continues to do so to this day. With additions to the franchise including a successful and long running TV series, the epitomy of playground trading card games combined with heavy merchandising capitalised upon this obsession. For the past 16 years this hasn't changed and neither has the game in its essence. Top down movement and levelling monsters should be showing its age but instead is more popular than ever. Now X and Y brings the 7th generation of Pokémon and this time, something's very different.

The n3rdcast episode #2 | Our best games ever, GTAV Bankroll,...

In this EPIC 2nd episode of our weekly podcast brought to you by Brian, Aaron and Fish...
Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X/Y: Top Six from Generation 6

Right off the bat, or the Noivern, these are a personal standpoint on the most interesting Pokémon coming to the fore in Pokémon X/Y. These aren't necessarily the most powerful or the cutest Pokémon to be coming to Pokémon's 6th Generation but they are the ones that stand out to this Pokémon fan and writer. Anyroad. Instead of randomly warbling, time for a little actual content.

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