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Project CARS 2 McLaren 720S

Racing Sim vs Sim-Cade vs Arcade… Just What is the Difference?

The genre of racing games is one stacked with titles ranging from huge AAA titles to small independent releases, and truly has something for...
Project CARS – E3 screenshot (18)_1404232420

Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition Follow-up Review – A...

his weekend I sat down to review Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition, it's been over a year since the game launched and since then Slightly Mad have been working 10x bringing improvements and additional vehicles into the mix, but what exactly is different? What is there to encourage those who perhaps missed the game first time around, to pick it up this time?

Project CARS Game of the Year Edition is HERE

If you missed out on one of the hottest racing games of 2015, Project CARS, then good news, you can finally see what all the fuss is about with the Game of the Year Edition which launches today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Project CARS

Project CARS gets a Game of the Year Edition

Bandai Namco has announced that Project CARS is getting a Game of the Year Edition which bundles together the base game and all subsequent content updates in one neat golden package.
Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios Cancels Project CARS for Wii U

I can't say that this comes as much of a surprise, but Slightly Mad Studios has announced today that the upcoming Wii U version of Project CARS has sadly been cancelled, the reasons being that the current hardware just isn't up to scratch.
Project CARS

Project CARS Car of the Future Competition Winner Announced

Remember just before the launch of Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS, a competition was being held to test young minds and have them create a car of the future with the chance to win a copy of the game, a PlayStation 4, and to meet Nicolas Hamilton? Well that competition has come to an end and 10 year-old Jack Hillery is a champion and the designer of the CAR of the future!
Project CARS

Project CARS dev Admits Problems with Wii U Version

One of the main appeals for some people with Project CARS was it's expected launch for the Wii U, but for a while now Slightly Mad Studios' comments on the Nintendo release have been a little.. withheld. Now however, the developer has come clean and it seems that they've run into a few problems and are really hoping Nintendo announce some hardware news at E3.
Project CARS

UK Gaming Charts: Project CARS Leads the Way Once Again

This week is a pretty big deal for Bandai Namco as Project CARS remains in first place for a second week running. The reason this is such a big deal is because, according to Chart-Track, the last Bandai Namco title to remain in the top spot for two consecutive weeks was Ridge Racer Type 4, which launched over 16 years ago. Blimey.
Project Cars Screenshot

UK Gaming Charts: Project CARS Claims Pole Position

Project CARS launched last week and has quickly raced into number one. Slightly Mad's crowdfunded next-gen racer has also done something pretty impressive, it's managed to score the first number one for a racing sim in 2 years. Something last achieved by Codemaster's GRiD 2 back in 2013. It seems not only did we love it, everyone else loves it too.
Project CARS

Project CARS Review: Lap Time Invalidated

As someone who's fond of the Need for Speed series, and has recently fallen in love with the Forza Horizon series, and I almost could have liked The Crew. With that though, I thought I'd try my hand at something a little more serious. Project CARS is advertised as "for the racer" so what better way to experience a proper racing sim than with this game?
Project CARS

Project CARS Pre-review: a Truly Fantastic Racer..

As of right now the embargo for reviews on Project CARS has lifted which means we can let you all know our thoughts. Unfortunately we can't offer our full impressions just yet as the multiplayer portion of the game is yet to be truly populated and right now doesn't represent the entire game. With that we've decided to withhold our full review (which is around 80 per cent written) in favour of a quick impressions of the game overall.
Project CARSvideo

Project CARS Launch Trailer is Slower than you Expected

Usually when you hear that a new racing game has gotten itself a new trailer, you expect blisteringly fast cars, roaring engines, tyres squealing, and much more. In Project CARS case, that's not what you get at all. In fact you get a fairly picturesque and calm trailer giving you even more facts about the game's conception, a detailed look at the cars in action, and just an overall look at how beautiful the game actually is.
Project CARS

Here’s the Full List of Cars Coming to Project CARS…. CARS!

Slightly Mad and Bandai Namco's Project CARS is almost upon us and we're starting to receive the juicy information in terms of what we'll find in the upcoming racing sim! We already know what tracks we'll be able to take a spin around, but what we don't know is exactly which cars we'll be taking for a spin. Personally, I'm not that much of a car enthusiast, but from this list there are a few notable makes and models both old and new!
Project CARS

Project CARS dev asks Kids What the CAR of the Future...

Kids have fantastic imaginations and as we're entering an era where practically anything is possible, perhaps the cars of the future will hover, perhaps they'll be fully autonomous, perhaps they'll even be able to fly. So it comes as no surprise that Project CARS developer, Slightly Mad, is looking at the minds of the future to help design cars for their next game.. well.. that's not true, but I totally believe it could be.. Either way, these lucky boys and girls could get their hands on a PlayStation 4 if their designs are as awesome as we hope they'll be.

Project CARS Gets a Pretty Epic Multiplayer Trailer

Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco have launched a brand new trailer for Project CARS which takes a look at the game's multiplayer mode, and while it doesn't matter what car or what track you prefer, what does matter is how many other players you'll be able to play with. Thankfully, the trailer confirms that too.

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