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Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Project Spark

Microsoft's Xbox creation tool, Project Spark, has now been discontinued and can no longer be downloaded, the company announced yesterday evening.
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Project SPARK Goes Free, Forever

Okay, so you're probably wondering how this is news, right? Project SPARK is already free? Well, it's free-to-play, but in order to make the most of the video game creation engine, you'll have to purchase DLC packs and other things of monetary value. So the news today is that everything to do with Project SPARK is absolutely free, forever.
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Project Spark Beta is Over, Starter Pack Officially Released!

After over 6 months of Beta testing, Project Spark is hitting the shelves as a starter pack. Over 1 million people spent 4 million hours creating 70,000 levels ready for launch day and it has really paid off.

Project Spark Officially Launches in October

Project Spark, the massive game creation platform giving players the opportunity to easily create their own fantastic, in-depth, interactive worlds now finally has a release date, joining the already jam packed roster of releases in October. Project Spark has been in open beta for some time on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 but will finally, officially launch on October 10.

Project Spark Beta Launches on Xbox One, Here’s how to Sign...

Microsoft's video game building video game, Project Spark, has been in Beta on PC for a few months now with no news on the Beta coming to Xbox One, that was until yesterday when Xbox Live's Major Nelson announced that the Beta was launching on Xbox One, right now.

Project Spark Beta Burst – Flappy Bird Pinball Copters

Project Spark is still going from strength to strength. More and more people are making more and more user generated content. This in turn...

Project Spark Beta Burst | Fable Special

Project Spark has bene going from strength to strength since it hit Open Beta. With creations coming through thick and fast. Some are little tests, some are full games made within the devlopment tools and a few are amazing creations. The subject of this week's Project Spark Beta Burst is one of these amazing creations. Mr X Bob of the community in Project Spark has taken many hours painstakingly rebuilding the opening area of Fable.

Project Spark Beta Burst | Episode 2

Project Spark and it's User Generated Content, shortened to UGC, has been taking the world of amateur bedroom level designers by storm. From the outside it might not look like a game which holds the potential for gameplay limited only by the minds of it's players. On the inside however the story is totally different. The mind of only one person has to create a version of missile command or build a personal homage to Fable and a horde of thousands of players has at least 5 or 10 minutes of new gameplay to enjoy. Meanwhile someone else is creating and so on and so on.

Project Spark Beta Burst – The Crossroads

James Knack here at n3rdabl3 got his grimy little mitts on access to the Project Spark beta and is so far finding it to be rather good fun in all fairness. For those who don't know the game, Project Spark is a sandbox sort of title where you build levels for other people or play the levels of others yourself.

Project Spark Beta Heading to Windows 8 in October and Xbox...

Microsoft Game Studio's game creation sandbox video game Project Spark, will launch it's Xbox One beta in January. The next-gen beta will come with everything fully playable according to Microsoft Game Studios general manager Dave McCarthy.

Microsoft’s Project Spark will be free-to-play!

Remember E3? Yeah that seems like almost forever-ago. Remember Microsoft's conference and that little game-creation game titled Project Spark? Well according to producer David Sapienza, Project Spark will be distributed for free.

E3 | Project Spark, A New Game Creation Game for Xbox...

Yeah, you read right, Project Spark is a game creation game. Featured during Microsoft's E3 press conference Project Spark showed a few examples how the player can create the game, and play the game using both the Xbox One and SmartGlass.

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