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PS VR Sales Top 3 Million

Sony has announced that is PS VR headset has topped three million sales, and to celebrate has announced two new games coming later this year.

Sony Announces Two New PS VR Titles at Paris Games Week

Sony has unveiled two new PS VR games at Paris Games Week today: Sprint Vector and League of War VR Arena. Sprint Vector, as you...

Sony Announces New PSVR Headset

Sony has announced that it's updating the design of the PS VR headset offering a more streamlined, HDR compatible, headset for the PlayStation 4.

PSVR Releases Week Beginning July 25, 2017

Another week, another exciting set of releases for PSVR players out there. We've a trip to our own personal shooting arena, as well as some leisurely golf to try our hands at, and miniature racing!

E3 2017: Supermassive Games Announces New Game ‘The Inpatient’

From the studio that brought us the horrifying and breathtaking story of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has just announced their new project 'The Impatient' which takes place in a mental institute.
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The Incredible Potential of VR Lies Outside of Gaming

2016 was the year that Virtual Reality became consumer-friendly with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets hitting the shelves. These are some of the applications outside of the world of gaming that will be key for the development of this hugely exciting platform.

PS VR Sales Hit 915,000 Units Worldwide

This morning Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that its virtual reality headset, PS VR had surpassed all expectations with a current sell through of 915,000 units as of February 19, 2017.
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Summer Lesson Best Selling PS VR Title in Japan

In a recent issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, the sales chart of the Japanese market in October was published. On this list...

PlayStation VR Demo Disc Will Include an Additional 10 Games in...

This morning I saw the news that the PlayStation VR demo disc will contain 18 games, rather than 8. I was pretty pleased, because that gives players a lot to do before actually purchasing a game, but then I noticed the fine print: The PS VR demo disc in North America will have 18 games.

PlayStation VR Comes Packed With a Demo Disc Featuring 8 Games

Sony has revealed that when the PlayStation VR headset launches this October, players will immediately be able to try out a handful of games that are set to launch along side the PS VR thanks to an included demo disc.

Sony Says “Nearly All” PlayStation VR Games Support DualShock 4 Controllers,...

Ever the vague Sony has now backtracked on a recent statement which the company released stating that all PlayStation VR games would support the DualShock 4 controller.

Japanese “Title Introduction” Trailer Makes the PlayStation VR Look Hella Fun

PlayStation Japan has released a new trailer for the PlayStation VR which introduces players to the game's many titles which are set to launch along side the headset.

PS VR Games Will be Clearly Labelled as Such, So Grandma...

The box art for various PS VR games have been released and show clear labelling on the front of the box to remind players that the game they're purchasing is intended for Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Have Completely Sold Out

If you're still debating whether to grab a pre-order for the PlayStation VR, it might be too late, as it looks like pre-orders for the headset have completely sold out.

[E3 2016] Sony Unveils PlayStation VR Release Date

We knew already that the PlayStation VR, or PS VR, would be launching in October, but now we know the exact date.

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