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Rocket League on Nintendo Switch to get Nintendo Themed Cars

Developer Psyonix has been making a habit of giving gamers on certain platforms exclusive content, and Nintendo Switch owners wont have to wait long before getting their hands on some exclusive Nintendo Themed Cars in Rocket League.
Rocket League Xbox One

Update: Psyonix Ask Sony about Cross-Network Play Daily

Rocket League developer Psyonix apparently quizzes Sony on their commitment to cross-network play, or lack thereof, almost daily.
Rocket League Sells 10.5 Million, No Sequel Planned

E3 2017: Rocket League For Switch Announced

During the E3 Nintendo Spotlight, Rocket League was revealed for the Nintendo Switch. The game was shown as part of the opening montage trailer.

Rocket League Celebrates Second Anniversary with New Cars, Exploding Goals

Psyonix has today unveiled how it's celebrating the second anniversary to it's car football game, Rocket League. Coming July 5, the Anniversary Update will...
Ice Charger

Rocket League is Going to the Movies with The Fate of...

Psyonix and Universal Pictures have announced that Rocket League will be reviving a new batch of DLC based on the upcoming movie, The Fate...

Rocket League’s New DropShot Mode is Electric

Psyonix has unveiled a brand new mode coming to Rocket League later this month, DropShot, which puts players in control of the goal.
Rocket League Sells 10.5 Million, No Sequel Planned

Rocket League Sells 10.5 Million Copies, No Sequel Planned

Rocket League sells 10.5 million copies and registers almost 29 million players, impressive numbers for an indie title.
Rocket League x Hot Wheels

Psyonix and Hot Wheels is a Rocket League Match Made in...

Psyonix and Hot Wheels have today announced a partnership to bring Hot Wheels cars and content to Rocket League!

Rocket League’s Upcoming Starbase ARC Update Unveiled

Rocket League players will soon be able to blast off into space (more than they can right now) in an upcoming update titled Starbase ARC, a space-themed update that's set to bring a new arena, vehicle, and more.

Rocket League’s Next Update Goes ANDA DA SEA!

Psyonix has unveiled the next update for its rocket-powered car football game, Rocket League, and this time it adds an even crazier spin to the already warped game: a sea level.

Rocket League’s new Rumble Mode looks INSANE

At the end of the Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals developer Psyonix had something up their sleeves, and it looks absolutely insane.

Rocket League PS4/Xbox One Cross Compatibility is Ready to Go… If...

Rocket League developers Psyonix has cracked cross-compatibility between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and say that they'd be able to activate it within hours. The only thing we need is a nod from Sony.
rocket league

Rocket League Now Has 19 Million Players

With Rocket League celebrating its first birthday this month, Psyonix has a lot to celebrate. Now however there's some more icing on that cake as the developers have revealed that the game now has 19 million players.

Rocket League is Kicking it Old School with Vinyl Soundtrack Release

Psyonix has this week unveiled something for the old-school vinyl fans out there: Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection, a 3 LP 180-gram album which contains Volumes 1 and 2 of the game's soundtrack.
rocket league 2

Rocket League Gets CS:GO-like Crate System, Will Avoid Gambling Wormhole

Here's an interesting development... Over the weekend, Rocket League players found images pointing to the car football game getting a possible new feature that'd introduce a key and crate system to the game, similar to that found in CS:GO.

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