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Dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner… Batman! The Batmobile is Coming to Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced today that next month the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack will arrive bringing the caped crusader's ride to the popular car football game.
Rocket League Xbox One

Rocket League (Xbox One) Review – Teething Problems

This week saw the launch of Rocket League on Xbox One, a game which took the PlayStation and PC gaming worlds by storm when it launched last year. Unfortunately Xbox One players have had to wait some time before they can get a taste of car football action, but has the wait been worth it? Damn right it has.

Rocket League Launches Next Week on Xbox One

After months of waiting for a solid release date, the news we've all been waiting for is finally here, at least, those of us who own an Xbox One anyway. Yep. Psyonix has announced the release date for Rocket League on Xbox One, and it's coming next week!

Rocket League’s Rocket Labs will Allow Players to Trial New Maps

Rocket League is a fantastic game both from a casual and competitive perspective, but not everyone likes change. When new maps or new mechanics are thrown into a game, players can often be a little disgruntled, especially if it changes the core gameplay, that's why Psyonix is hoping to trial new maps in a new Rocket Labs playlist for Rocket League.

Rocket League Still Coming to Xbox One, Due Mid Feb.

We're two days into February, the month which Psyonix announced would be the month Rocket League finally launches on Xbox One, and chances are they're already being bombarded with tweets and comments asking when the game is coming. Don't panic, it's still on schedule for February, and is due to launch later this month.

Sunset Overdrive Content Coming to Rocket League on Xbox One

Although Rocket League hasn't hit Xbox One just yet, a swath of exclusive content will be coming to the game. It began with a few exclusive vehicles in the style of HALO and Gears of War vehicles, but now Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie is set to splurge his orange goop all over the place.

Rocket Leagues Holiday Content is Here

Roll up hockey fans, Rocket League's holiday themed content has arrived and you too can be playing on an ice-rink chasing after a gigantic puck in a rocket powered car. What could be better than that? NOTHING.

TGA 2015: Rocket League is Coming to Xbox One Next Year

Good news Xbox One players, the critically acclaimed overnight hit that is Rocket League, will finally be gracing its presence on the Xbox One in February next year!


Sweet freaking Christmas! Rocket League could be coming to Xbox One, and I've almost just wet myself.

Rocket League PC Gets some Portal-themed Goodies

Rocket League developer, Psyonix, has announced a partnership with Valve to bring Portal-themed goodies to the game later this week including Antenna Accessories and Rocket Trails.
rocket league 2

Rocket League ‘Winter Event’ brings Hockey for the holidays

Out-of-nowhere PS4 hit Rocket League is continuing to receive a steady stream of free updates and DLC from developer Psyonix.
Rocket League

Rocket League’s Next DLC is ‘Revenge of the Battle-Cars’

Psyonix Games has this week unveiled the second DLC pack for Rocket League, their fast paced car-based sports title which has become insanely popular.
rocket league 2

Rocket League is Definitely Coming to Other Platforms

It seems the reason for Rocket League's fairly limited release was all down to developers Psyonix being a fairly small team and nothing to do with having an exclusive deal with Sony, I'm sure.

First DLC Drop for Rocket League Detalied

The first batch of DLC has been unveiled for Rocket League, and no matter what your stance is on DLC, you've got to admit, Psyonix has done it right. It's set to land on PlayStation 4 and Steam later this month.
rocket league 2

Rocket League has Shifted 4 Million Copies

Rocket League has become an overnight hit, launching on PC and PlayStation 4, with the latter version being part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, in just a few weeks the game has shifted 4 million copies. Oddly, the developer originally didn't want it to be a part of PS Plus...

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