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E3 2019: Rage 2 “Rise of the Ghosts” DLC Announced

During Bethesda's E3 conference it was revealed by Avalanche Studios and id Software that a new expansion would be dropping for their newly launched...
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RAGE 2 Review

Having missed out on the first RAGE game, I'll admit that I went into RAGE 2 with fresh eyes. From the trailers I'd seen,...
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UK Gaming Charts (20/05/19): RAGE 2 Blasts into First Place

As predicted, RAGE 2 has launched into first place following a series of quiet weeks in the UK Gaming Charts, though it underperformed compared...
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RAGE 2 Content Roadmap Includes 2 Paid DLC

Bethesda has released the future content roadmap for their upcoming shooter, RAGE 2, which reveals plans for paid DLC later this year. With the launch...
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What is RAGE 2? Its New Trailer Answers our Question

Bethesda has released another action-packed trailer for RAGE 2, this time answering the age-old question, "What is RAGE 2?". Though we’re little more than days...
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RAGE 2’s Latest Trailer Highlights the Wasteland Superhero

Bethesda has released another explosive trailer for their upcoming post-apocalyptic sequel, RAGE 2, and it's superheroic. You already know the drill by now, it's RAGE...
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Here’s 9 Minutes of RAGE 2 Pre-Beta Footage

Bethesda has released another lengthy look at Avalanche Studios and Id Software's upcoming shooter, RAGE 2, and it looks spectacular. In the video, which you...
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Interview: Tim Willits Talks RAGE 2, Multiplayer, and More

We were lucky enough to be invited along to a RAGE 2 preview event recently, where we were also given a chance to sit...
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RAGE 2 Preview

RAGE 2 is one of those shock titles no-one was expecting to hear, especially after RAGE saw such a small and mixed reception. It...
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Rage 2 Skipping Steam Release for Bethesda Launcher

Bethesda has announced that they won't be launching RAGE 2 on Steam and instead will be releasing the game on the Bethesda Launcher, much...
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The Game Awards 2018: RAGE 2 Gets Release Date, New Trailer

At The Game Awards this week, Bethesda released a new gameplay trailer for RAGE 2 which takes a look at the open world and some of the vehicles within it.

DOOM and RAGE head to Xbox Game Pass

Bethesda and Microsoft have unveiled that DOOM and RAGE heading to Xbox Game Pass ahead of their respective sequels.
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RAGE 2 Gameplay Unveiled in Lengthy QuakeCon Trailer

RAGE 2 got an extended gameplay trailer at QuakeCon this weekend showing the post-apocalyptic shooter in action once more.

E3 2018: Bethesda Offer Extended RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer

At Bethesda's E3 2018 showcase, Id Software and Avalanche studios took to the stage after a fantastic performance by Andrew WK to show an extended look at RAGE 2 gameplay.
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RAGE 2 Official Gameplay Trailer is Here!

As promised, Bethesda has released the first gameplay footage for RAGE 2, and you know what? It doesn't look half bad. Let's be real, no...

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