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Sea of Thieves Cross Play to Become Optional

Rare has revealed that a future update coming to Sea of Thieves will make the once hailed cross-platform play optional for players. While Sea of Thieves...
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Sea of Thieves Update Requires Entire Game Download

Sea of Thieves' next update will require players to download and reinstall the entire game, but it will save you a bit of space. The...

Sea of Thieves PvP Arena Game Mode Announced

Prepare the cannons, me hearties — Rare have announced a brand new game mode for Sea of Thieves… and it’s all about PvP — pirate vs. pirate, if you will. The Arena is setting sail for an early 2019 launch so you better get your crew a’ hauling to prepare.

Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores Update Delayed

Rare has announced that the upcoming free update for Sea of Thieves, Forsaken Shores, has been delayed until next week due to fixing some...

Sea of Thieves’ Forgotten Shores gets a Teaser Trailer

Sea of Thieves' next big update, titled Forgotten Shores, has received a brand new teaser trailer from developer Rare. The next big major content update...

Sea of Theives’ Kraken and Megalodon Attack Together

Turns out that both the Kraken and Megalodon can attack at the same time in Sea of Thieves, Reddit user ClawofChaos has discovered. ClawofChaos was...

New Sea of Thieves Update has us Going Below the Waves

Sea of Thieves' latest update has crews splashing about underwater, in the latest Bilge Rat Adventure, this time exploring The Sunken Curse. Sea of Thieves: The...

Sea of Thieves Celebrates Banjo-Kazooie’s Birthday

Sea of Thieves' weekly update has arrived and with it comes a brand new figurehead to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rare's most famed title, Banjo-Kazooie.

E3 2018: Sea of Thieves Future Expansions Detailed

Microsoft's press conference was an absolute banger with over 50 game announcements including new Sea of Thieves content.

Sea of Thieves’ Hungering Deep Update Detailed

Rare has detailed exactly what's in store for intrepid sailors in Sea of Thieves' upcoming Hungering Deep update.

Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Release Date, Teaser Released

Rare has released a brand new teaser trailer for Sea of Thieves which highlight some of the new content coming to the game via The Hungering Deep expansion.

Sea of Thieves Update Brings Cosmetics, Developer Promises More Content

Sea of Thieves version 1.0.6 is available to download right now and introduces a sizeable amount of content to the game for players to further customise their pirates. Developer Rare have also released a new dev diary highlighting the future of the game.
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Sea of Thieves 1.0.5 Patch Rolls Out, Teases New Content

Sea of Thieves went down for maintenance today as patch 1.0.5 rolls out which is set to bring a number of improvements including the...

What Could Make Sea of Thieves Better?

Sea of Thieves has been out for a good couple of weeks and the initial boom of players, thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, have sailed away into the sunset leaving the waters a little calmer than before. So, I thought it'd be a good time to reflect on our adventures look towards the horizon to see what's in store.

Upcoming Sea of Thieves Content Detailed

Sea of Thieves developer Rare have detailed some of the content coming to the game in the coming months, including a new map.

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