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Deformers is the Latest Game from Ready at Dawn, and it’s...

The Order: 1886, the non-spin-off title from Ready at Dawn was a gorgeous narrative driven game that threw players into Victorian London where a secret organisation called The Order were sent to thwart a number of supernatural nasties from the city. So when Deformers, their new game, was unveiled earlier this week, I was surprised to not see a deep story-driven action-adventure game, but a cutsey arena brawler.
The ordervideo

Update for The Order: 1886 Brings a Photo Mode

The Order: 1886 wasn't met with very favourable reviews but there was one thing that rang true in every critics write up about the game from Ready at Dawn, The Order: 1886 was a truly beautiful game. Now maybe the story or gameplay won't be bringing you back to the game any time soon, but in a new update rolling out now comes the addition of a photo mode, so at least something good can come out of the game..
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Here’s the Launch Trailer for The Order: 1886

Reviews are starting to pour in for Ready at Dawn's PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, and while most praise the games visuals, the story seems to be lacking. Either way, if you'd rather find out how the game is yourself, then you won't have to wait for much longer as tomorrow see's the game's launch!
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The Order: 1886 Will Last you Around 5 Hours, Ready at...

For those wanting to know exactly how much time they'll be spending in the steam-punk Victorian era of The Order: 1886, a play through of the game appeared online over the weekend from YouTube account PlayMeThrough, who managed to play through the entire game in just under 6 hours, interactive cut scenes and all, something which has left some people a little dubious about the game's overall content.

New The Order 1886 Dev Diary Looks At Weapons

Ready At Dawn have released a new Dev Diary for their first outing on the PS4, The Order 1886. The third diary looks at some of the weapons that will be available in the game and the design process. Many of the games more exotic weapons are based of technology that was available at the time as well as the scientific break throughs at the time.

The Order 1886 to be a Videogame Series?

In a interview with GamesTM Creative Director at Ready At Dawn Studio's, Ru Weerasuriya, talked about the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886, and how it may become a videogame series.

The Order 1886 – New Trailer Slinks out of the Alleys

The mythology based story of The Order 1886 goes full on with a new trailer for the PS4 exclusive from Ready at Dawn, detailing a little of the setting, characters and background.

The Order 1886 Focusing on Campaign and Will Look Amazing Using...

Last generation, every developer and their mother had the idea that no matter what genre you played, you had to have a multiplayer distraction. God of War: Ascension, Tomb Raider and a few Assassin's Creed titles all had an additional online mode and yet none of them were bothered with much.

The Order 1886 – New Screenshots… Okay, Four Screenshots

Ready at Dawn's mysterious Playstation 4 exclusive is still a bit of a conundrum, but we've received some new shiny screenies in the office...

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