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Red Dead Redemption is Coming to PS4 too, via PlayStation Now

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't expected to launch until next autumn, Xbox One players have been able to dive into the previous game thanks to the console's backwards compatibility feature. Sadly, up until now PS4 players have been left out, fortunately good news is just around the corner.
Red Dead 2 Rockstar

UPDATED: Rockstar Seems to be Prepping for a Red Dead Announcement

Red Dead Redemption 2? Or Red Dead remastered? Or something entirely different? Who knows...

Red Dead Redemption is Finally Coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

It's finally coming, Red Dead Redemption is finally set to land on Xbox One thanks to Backwards Compatibility later this week!

Take-Two Will be at E3 in a “Big Way”

Take-Two Interactive, the company who owns Borderlands publisher 2K Games as well as GTA developer and publisher Rockstar Games, has announced that they'll be at E3 this year "in a big way".

Red Dead Redemption was Backwards Compatible on Xbox One…

Although Microsoft revealed that they'd no longer be saving Backwards Compatible game releases to a single bulk announcement, the last thing we expected was for them to silently release games to little fanfair, that was until we saw the release of Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One over the weekend. Unfortunately, it was there for just a few hours before it was removed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Teased by Rockstar

Remember riding into Armadillo on that sweet horse that you tracked for miles into the desert to tame? Remember using the Rolling Block to knock the hats off of bandits from the comfort of your Ranch? Remember listening to Seth talk to corpses like they were mates in the pub? Well get ready to (hopefully) do it all again!

Take-Two Suggests More Red Dead and BioShock Games to Come.

For a while we've been pondering whether Rockstar has another Red Dead Redemption up its sleeve, though no hints have suggested whether they have or haven't fans clearly want more from Rockstar's western settings. We also share the same concern for the fate of the BioShock series since Irrantional Games disbanded. Well thankfully it looks like we have the answers we've been looking for thanks to Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick who has revealed that there's more to come from both games.

Red Dead Redemption Finally Coming to PC?

Rockstar's Western open world game, Red Dead Redemption, has been found in the Windows Compatibility Center, where it hosts information on whether programs and apps are compatible with a specific Windows operating system.

Could GTA V be coming to PC?

A recently posted job listing for Rockstar Leeds asked for a 'graphic programmer' in order to "help bring our latest titles to the PC platform." Could this mean GTA V coming to PC?

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