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Patreon and Reddit Team Up to Give Creators More Exposure

Two internet giants, Reddit and Patreon, are joining forces to enable creators to garner more exposure for their content.

Subscribe to the /r/n3rdabl3 Subreddit!

Today n3rdabl3 has officially launched the n3rdabl3 subreddit, a place for their readers and their community to get more involved with the team and join in deeper discussions.

Forget IMGUR, reddit has its own Upload Service Now

For as long as I can remember, any images uploaded to reddit were usually done through IMGUR, an easy to use free image hosting service. But this week, all that is about to change.

The Overwatch Subreddit was Briefly More Popular than the Front Page...

It looks like the Internet hit peak Overwatch fever today as Reddit revealed that for a brief period the /r/Overwatch subreddit was more popular than the entire frontpage.

Mysterious reddit Poster Hints at Next Destiny Expansion

In 2014 ahead of the launch of Destiny, Activision revealed that it hopes to keep the game alive for ten years, and so far Activision has stuck to that promise releasing The Taken King expansion last year, but what about this year? Well according to a mysterious post on reddit, the next expansion may be coming this September.

reddit has Compiled All of the Best AMAs in a Hardback...

reddit, the "front page of the Internet" has announced the launch of Ask Me Anything: Volume One, a hardback book which has compiled some of the site's best AMAs from the popular r/IAmA subreddit.

Android is Finally Getting an Official reddit App

Despite the Google Play store offering perfectly good apps to browse reddit, such as reddit Sync and reddit is Fun, the popular bookmarking site has revealed that its official Android app is now available in beta form.

reddit to Launch its own News Site Called Upvoted

reddit is a great place for finding content, but it's a terrible place if you're looking for a mainstream community to feel connected to. It's also a great place to find news as it happens, which in some cases has been positive, in others, not so much. So in an effort to make sure the news comes first, reddit may be starting their own dedicated community driven news site called Upvoted.

reddit CEO Ellen Pao Resigns as Part of a “Mutual Agreement”

Users of the popular community board, reddit, must be happy today as Ellen Pao has resigned from the position of CEO of reddit as part of a "mutual agreement", and is being replaced by Steve Huffman, founder and the original reddit CEO.
Empeopled Screenshot 1

Empeopled.com is a new Democracy-lead Alternative to reddit

Last week reddit had a bit of a meltdown following the termination of one of the company's loved members, Victoria. Since then users have been flocking to other websites looking for a neat alternative to "the front page of the Internet" and while sites like Voat.co offer an identical experience, Empeopled.com offers a more democracy-lead website.

reddit is Having a Meltdown Following the Ejection of Victoria

AMAs have become a huge thing for reddit allowing people from all walks of life coming along and telling their story. From the outside it looks like some random fellow or celebrity comes along one day to talk about their life, but it's a little more than that. In fact, it's a lot more than that, all of which is held together by an admin by the name of /u/chooter.

E-cigarettes Bad for Your Health? Try Bad for Your Computer.

Electronic cigarette use or 'vaping' is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking across the world. Widely seen as much healthier than tobacco, some health experts are sceptical of their safety. Whilst these doctors and academics are focused on the human health concerns of e-cigarettes other risks have arisen from their use... they could infect your computer with malware.

reddit User “Shittily” Draws All of the First 151 Pokémon and...

As an avid collector of Pokémon in my youth there was one thing I loved more than anything on those cards: the art. I...

redditmade is a Crowdfunding Service that reddit Made

reddit hope to expand their ever growing reach online by launching redditmade a brand new crowdfunding service made by redditor's for redditors. redditmade is...
Alien Blue

Alien Blue Becomes an Official reddit App Following Acquisition

For as long as I can remember reddit has never officially had its own app, instead it's left development to others who have created apps like Reddit Sync, Reddit is Fun, and arguably the most popular reddit app for iOS, Alien Blue. Now it seems reddit wants to dive right into offering their front page of the internet on mobile more officially and have today announced that they've acquired Alien Blue and its developer Jason Morrissey.

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