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‘Control’ Gets Gameplay Trailer and Now Available to Pre-Order

Remedy Entertainment and 505 games have unveiled a new trailer for Control as well as announcing that pre-orders are now open. There is a variety of...
Remedy's Control Screenshot

E3 2018: Remedy Entertainment Announce Control

Remedy Entertainment have just announced their latest game at E3. Titled Control, the game seems to be an action game in which you play as...

Remedy Entertainment to Appear at E3 2018

Remedy Entertainment is set to unveil their mysterious next game at E3 2018 but what could it be? Alan Wake or Quantum Break?
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment’s Next Game will be Published by 505 Games

Quantum Break developer, Remedy Entertainment, has signed a worldwide publishing deal with 505 Games for its new project, an unannounced multi-platform title codenamed "Project 7".
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment’s new game is…you?

Remedy Entertainment recently released the "Greatest Game Trailer Ever" which lead many to believe that Remedy Entertainment would be announcing a new game. Well,...
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment teasing new game

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, have teased an imminent announcement for a new title. The trailer titled "The...

Quantum Break is Coming to Steam Next Month

It looks like Quantum Break has broken its Windows 10 shackles and will be making its way to Steam on September 14.

Remedy’s Next Project Isn’t What You’d Expect…

Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Quantum Break and Max Payne, have announced a new partnership with South Korean developer Smilegate, to work on the campaign for its upcoming multiplayer shooter, CrossFire 2.

Is There a New Alan Wake in Development?

Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Max Payne, Quantum Break and yes, Alan Wake, has gone and made a very interesting step in the direction of there being a new Alan Wake on the horizon.

Quantum Break is Coming to PC!

Earlier this week Microsoft unveiled something very surprising. Remedy Entertainment's upcoming time-bending adventure, Quantum Break, will be coming to Windows 10 on April 5 and will be available absolutely free to anyone who digitally pre-orders the game on Xbox One.

Quantum Break Rated for PC in Brazil

Now, don't get too excited PC gamers, but Remedy Entertainment's Xbox exclusive Quantum Break could be coming to PC, if a recent listing on the Brazil Advisory Rating Board is to be believed.

TGA 2015: Quantum Break Gets a New Trailer

Big words from Bobby Ice Man in this new trailer for Quantum Break, the upcoming exclusive for Xbox One. Instead of using ice, in this game he uses time manipulation to battle the evil corporation, Monarch Solutions. Good on you Bobby, you show them.

Quantum Break will be Missing E3, Shown at Gamescom Instead

For those wanting to see more of Remedy's incredibly story driven video game, Quantum Break, you'll have to wait until much later this year as the developers have revealed that the Xbox One exclusive won't be making an appearance at E3 this year.
Quantum Break

Remedy’s Quantum Break Now Launching in 2016

First we had Uncharted 4 for PlayStation 4, then we had The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, and now we've got Quantum Break for Xbox One. It seems all three of these massive exclusives have been pushed back to 2016, something that many of us gamers aren't best pleased about. But we've got Halo 5: Guardians to look forward to, right?

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