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Remember Me Could Get a Remaster, if Capcom Allows it

Action adventure sci-fi video game Remember Me launched way back in 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It was the first title from French developer DONTNOD Entertainment, who you'll probably recognise more for their episodic adventure game Life is Strange, and it was pretty damn excellent. But for anyone hoping that the game would get a remaster for current-gem consoles, you might not want to hold your breath...
Remember Me

Remember Me Sequel has Been Written, Capcom Needs to Give the...

The fantastic dystopian adventure set in Neo-Paris, Remember Me, is one of those games that I just can't forget.. hurhur.. Anyway, it seems a sequel for the game has been penned, and the team at DONTNOD, the developers behind the first game and the gorgeous episodic adventure game, Remember Me, have figured out what flaws need to be worked on, but now it's just up to Capcom to bring it to life.
Remember Me

Remember Me Developers Working on an RPG?

Dontnod, the French developers behind the absolutely stunning Remember Me, may be working on something more than their episodic title, Life Is Strange, at least according to some job listings by the company which has let a few details slip about a new unannounced project.
Remember Me

Remember Me Review

Usually when we think of a city being futuristic we think about silly technological advancements like hover cars, hover boards, Futurama style transportation tubes, and interactive billboards. What we don't consider is government corruption, the destruction of communities for personal gain, and the introduction of technologies to control the very beings that we are and completely alter and destroy our lives in a single pinch.

That however is exactly what Capcom have thought about in Remember Me, a game set in 2084 in a futuristic re-imagining of Paris named Neo-Paris. A time where a new technology called the Sensen has been introduced which at first seems delightful, the ability to share our memories with our loved ones, or remember something ourselves on command. It soon takes a crippling turn when you're shown exactly what the creators of the Sensen, Memorize, want to do with peoples memories and the lives they ruin in order to get them.
Remember Me

New Remember Me Trailer Explains The Main Core of the Game.

Most of the details that have been released for Capcom's next title, Remember Me haven't been the most revealing, sure we've learned about the basic gist of the game, who the main character is, and why she's out for revenge against the Memorize corporation. What we've yet to understand is the main concept of the game and who memory hunters or 'Errorists' as they're called in the game actually are, and what they do.
Remember Me

Remember Me PC Specs Revealed

Remember Me is Capcom's next big game that's due out in the UK on June 7 which involves the female protagonist Nilin, an amnesiac memory hunter trying to find out why the megacorp 'Memorize' tried to neutralise her by erasing her memory. From the various trailers and other bits of info that have come out of the works this game looks pretty fantastic. And now we'll know whether our battle stations will run it or not thank's to the release of the PC specs for the game.
Remember Me

Remember Me ‘It’s Time to Fight’ Trailer

Capcom has just launched a new trailer for it's dystopian game Remember Me which shows of some of the enemies that female protagonis Nilin will face whilst trying to stop the criminal and oddly named Memorize corporation.
Remember Me

Remember Me Release Date Confirmed

Capcom set a release for their highly anticipated Remember Me!

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