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Resident Evil 5 and 6 Get Switch Release Date

The time has come!! The superior titles of the Resident Evil franchise, 5 and 6, are finally coming to the handheld/home juggernaut on 29 October...

Resident Evil 0, 1, and 4 are Coming to Switch in...

Capcom has announced that not one but three Resident Evil games are coming to the Nintendo Switch in May. On May 21, players will be...

Resident Evil TV Series In The Works At Netflix

Netflix is developing a TV series based off of the very popular Resident Evil franchise according to a report from Deadline. According to the report,...

Go on Capcom! Make a Resident Evil Fighting Game

It's safe to say I've played a few fighting games over the last few years and on the whole point have come to enjoy them, sometimes dusting them off after I've completed them. I can also say I like the Resident Evil games, but that I mean I think the crown jewel of my Wii collection was Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 2 Board Game Hits Kickstarter

Steamforged Games already revealed plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Resident Evil 2 Board Game, now it's finally here and already the...

Resident Evil 2 Board Game Kickstarter Coming This Autumn

Steamforged Games, the company responsible for the highly successful Dark Souls board game, have announced they plan to start a Kickstarter for a resident...

Who Else Could be a Match for Resident Evils STARS?

They may not have done brilliantly against the might of the nefarious Umbrella Corps, but could Racoon City's elite police force be a match for other villains?

Daymare: 1998 Kickstarter Begins, Scores 3 Capcom Legends

Capcom’s newest iteration of the Resident Evil series is a far cry from where they started. The fixed camera tank-controlled horror franchise terrified audiences when it first arrived on the PlayStation 1 in the 90’s, but has since strayed about as far as you can go from that, at least stylistically.

Here Are Your PlayStation Plus Games for October

It looks like Sony have set up a spooktastic selection of games for next month as we enter Halloween season. OoOooOoOoOooo....

[E3 2016] Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Gets Close Up and Personal

Something I really wasn't expecting at E3, was Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Not that I didn't think there would be news of it, just...

Rumour Suggests Resident Evil 7 Will be Unveiled at E3

Following reports that Capcom may be working on Resident Evil 7 after a comment made during their financial report, a new rumour has surfaced to suggest that we may be seeing the game at E3 later this year.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Will be Built from the Ground Up

It seems Capcom may be heading in the same direction of Square Enix and its remake of Final Fantasy VII, with plans to completely remake Resident Evil 2 from the ground up.

“Stay Tuned” for Resident Evil 7 News, says Capcom

Though Capcom seems to be all over the HD collection / remaster trend right now, the Japanese publisher/developer has hinted that a new instalment into the series might be in the works.
Umbrella Corps Announcement 1

Capcom Announces Umbrella Corps

Capcom have announced a Resident Evil spin-off title at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 - a fast-paced multiplayer third person shooter titled "Umbrella Corps".
Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Resident Evil to Release...

In the firm's latest report on digital console games, SuperData has revealed that there's a new Resident Evil title coming this fall. A little bit of an odd prediction considering Capcom has only just released the complete Resident Evil Revelations 2 series.. In addition to this, they've also stated that this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops 3, though many rumours suggest Treyarch are working on World at War 2..

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