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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order First Trailer and Release Date

Back in January I already vented about EA's track record when it comes to Star Wars games in their exclusivity deal with Disney. I'm...
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Teaser Image

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Teaser Image Revealed

Respawn Entertainment has released a teaser image for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ahead of the full unveil coming this Saturday, April 13. This weekend...

Could Apex Legends be the Future of Esports?

Popular esports organizations are taking a gamble on the yet untested Apex Legends, but is it a gamble that'll pay off? Since its initial release...

Apex Legends to get a New Champion and Weapon in Season...

Apex Legends' first Season, Wild Frontier, is in full swing and it seems to only be ramping up, with another Champion and weapon set...
Apex Legends Key Art

Apex Legends Gets First New Weapon

Respawn Entertainment has announced that a brand new weapon is coming to Apex Legends today called Havoc. In a tweet from Respawn, we get a...
Apex Legends Bloodhound Screenshot

Apex Legends: Bans, Leaks and Gameplay Tweaks

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Apex Legends, the prodigious battle royale title reached 25 million players in its first week...

Apex Legends’ Playerbase Champions 25 Million Users After One Week

Apex Legends has continued its meteoric rise up the battle royale food chain, hitting 25 million players just one week after its release. From...

Apex Legends Review

Apex Legends launched last week and has since taken the gaming world by storm. In just a few hours it had it one million...

Apex Legends to Season 1 Begins Next Month, Solo, Duos Rumoured

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the first competitive season of Apex Legends will begin in March. Apex Legends has come out of the gates swinging...
Apex Legends Key Art

Titanfall Spin-off Apex Legends Announced, Available Now

As previously rumored (and teased), Respawn Entertainment officially announced Apex Legends their free-to-play battle royale Titanfall spin-off. What's more, it's available to download and...

Respawn Entertainment Might have Titanfall 3 in the Works Too

In EA Games' quarterly earnings call, the company revealed that Respawn Entertainment has multiple games in the works slated for Holiday 2019 - could it be Titanfall 3?
Titanfall 2 Screenshot

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Released

If you missed out on Titanfall 2 when it launched last year then now's your chance to pick up the most complete package of one of the most underrated games of last year.

Titanfall 2’s Co-op Horde Mode Lands Next Week

Respawn Entertainment are bringing back a fan-favourite game mode back to Titanfall 2 next week in the form of Fronteir Defense, a four-player co-op horde mode.

Titanfall 2 War Games DLC Crash Lands

Respawn Entertainment has launched a brand new batch of DLC for Titanfall 2 that's absolutely free. It includes two new maps and promotes Titan Brawl to a permanent game mode.

Titanfall: Assault turns Titanfall into a Mobile Real Time Strategy Game

Respawn Entertainment has announced a partnership with Nexon and Particle City to bring RTS Titanfall: Assault to mobile markets.


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