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Four Facts About Four Different Robins

Robin has been watching Batman's back for nearly 80 years through the highs and the lows. Along the way, we've seen a whole bunch...

Michael Cera Bricking it as Robin

The Dark Knight get's his own boy wonder. Will they be able to piece Gotham back together brick by brick?

A brief history of Batman and Son

Holy child support Batman! You've got love child sired by the daughter of one of your enemies!...
vampire batman

A Brief History of Vampire Robin

If you didn't know already, DC from time to time likes to publish Elseworld stories. These stories take the mythos of popular characters like Batman and Superman and re-imagine them in a completely different scenario. This why you get the likes of Superman: Red Son, a Superman who grew up in Russia instead of America, a Batman who existed during the Victorian era, and a Justice League of The Old American West.

A Brief Look Back at the Death and Return of Jason...

Instead of doing a simple brief breakdown I'm going to focus on the big part of Jason Todd's life - his death and return to life. So to recap; Jason was a street risen teen taken in by Batman after the first Robin Dick Grayson moved on. It was apparent Jason was an angry bitter teen and after a fairly violent encounter Batman put his current Robin on hiatus.

A Brief History of Future Damian Wayne

I don't think I have to worry about spoilers with this one but a couple of months the current Robin sadly bit the dust. Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul (daughter of Ra's) sadly died battling his demented clone in one final hurrah.

A Brief History of 'BTAS' Robin

You probably saw the title of this post and wondered "What does 'BTAS' mean?" It means Batman the Animated Series. Still not sure what I'm on about? Don't you remember that 90's Batman cartoon? If you do, do you remember that really tiny Robin? Well that's what today's post is going to be about. But if you don't remember that Robin, I'll fill you in.

A brief history of the Teen Titans

Let's face it. Our teenage years aren't easy, you think you were doing OK and you look back and you mostly cringe. So some clever clogs at DC realised that there readership was mostly teenagers, then that light bulb of inspiration popped above on the writers head. "Why not have a teem of teenage superheroes who are inspirational and deal with teenage problems, in spandex?". From here the Teen Titans were born.
carrie kelly

A brief history of Carrie Kelly

Today I am going to give you two lessons for the price of one. Not only will I inform you about another character but I'll also inform you about the world of alternate universes.

The Next Robin Should Be…

So it's time to continue who I think should be the next Robin after the unfortunate demise of Damian Wayne. In my opinion for this next Robin (which will come because I believe in the idea that every Batman needs a Robin) needs to be a mould breaker, someone with super powers and is something we've never seen before...
The new robin

What’s Next for Robin?

So the mantle is Robin is up for grabs. This is since Damian Wayne met his end recently in the comic book series Batman Incorporated. So you’re probably hoping for some spoilers into how it happened right ? Well you wont have to worry about that since I haven’t actually read it yet...

The Best Robin for the Dark Knight Trilogy

So Christopher Nolan's trilogy has come to a triumphant end. So like with everything geek it'll probably be a while before a generally consensus...

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