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Robotech #5 Review – Something Else is Going on…

A new story arc and mystery begins in Robotech!

Robotech #4 Review – Raise Shields for Battle!

The first arc is up, but who will live to see the end of it?

Robotech #3 Review – The Pieces are Almost in Place

It can be said that some anime have a pacing problems and can be accused of dragging out a small amount of story over numerous unnecessary episodes.

Robotech #2 Review – Folding into to Something Interesting

The planet Earth is under attack and only crew of the SDF-1 stand a chance of stopping these mysterious invaders in their tracks... The second issue of Robotech is in our hands, so how did it fair?
Robotech Issue 1 Cover A Artgerm

Robotech #1 Review

Outside "the big two" publishers, nostalgia tie-in comics are big bucks. IDW found success with Transformers and now Titan is trying the same with Robotech. But is this remake worth your time?
Robotech Issue 1 Cover A Artgerm

Robotech #1 gets a Trailer for July

Robotech is going to crash land in the summer, but until then you've got a trailer to keeping you happy. What is Robotech? Well,...

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