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Harmonix Claims Mad Catz Couldn’t Keep up with Rock Band 4...

It looks as if Harmonix and Mad Catz can't quite agree on who's to blame for the latter's recent financial losses of $11.6 million, as the two have issued statements that are fairly contradictory.
Rock Band 4

Mad Catz Posts Incredible Losses, Blames Rock Band 4

Poor Mad Catz. The company, which was already struggling, pinned all its hopes on a publishing partnership with Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix, only to be left dead in the water due to unsold inventory.
Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 is Getting Online Multiplayer This Year

Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix has revealed that in an upcoming expansion due to release later this year, players will finally be able to play band with their friends no matter their location with online multiplayer.

Opinion: Why the Rock Band 4 PC Crowdfunding Failed…

Harmonix recently announced that their crowdfunding for a PC port of Rock Band 4 had failed. Despite raising more than half of the $1.5...
Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 Developer Finds a New Publisher in PDP

Before the launch of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Harmonix announced that they were partnering with troubled peripheral maker Mad Catz to not only develop the new instruments which were set to come with the game, but would also be co-publishing the game later that year.

Rock Band 4 is Coming to PC via Crowdfunding

Harmonix has announced this week that they're preparing a PC release for Rock Band 4 after many have been requesting it, but rather than actually just launching the game, they've headed to Fig in order to raise money for the game to actually make it happen.

Harmonix Caught Reviewing Their Own Game?

So here’s a bit of embarrassing news. Remember how Harmonix and basically anyone who had anything to do with Rock Band 4 has been hyping...

Rock Band 4’s Career Mode is like a mini-RPG

Harmonix have released a blog post detailing some of the finer points of Rock Band 4's new Career Mode. Career mode for me was always fun but never held me really, but now it seems they have revamped it to the point where it is essentially an RPG like system.
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Rock Band 4 Standalone Pre-orders Announced, New Tracks

Today Harmonix and Mad Catz have announced the standalone version of Rock Band 4 can now be pre-ordered from select retailers worldwide. But for those who thought it'd be as simple as purchasing the base game for £40-something due to the game being backward compatible with our old instruments, think again.
Rock Band 4

Mad Catz Pins Company Future on Rock Band 4

Things aren't going so great for Mad Catz, the creator of several video game peripherals since 1989, who for the past three years have failed to meet financial targets, had loans, and now has struck a deal with its creditor, Well Fargo that'll last until July 31, 2016. But if things don't get better, the company could be forced into bankruptcy.
Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 Release Date Announced

It was previously discovered that Rock Band 4 would likely set users back $250 when the game launches, that is according to an Amazon listing, which has left a bit of a bitter taste in some peoples mouths. But for those who don't mind splashing the cash or alternatively have the old Rock Band kit, you'll be able to dive right into the game on October 6.

Rock Band 4 Pricing Already Rocking Out on Amazon

If you've been checking Amazon for E3 announcement listings, you may have came across one for Rock Band 4. So far the pre-order has...

Opinion: Music in Music Games; Are we not Tired of the...

With this year seeing the return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the musical video game genre is back on the rise, and while Rock Band seems to be sticking with the same formula allowing for backwards compatibility, Guitar Hero is heading down the innovative route hoping to woo players with a new control system and overall concept. All this is well and good for fans of either franchise, but there's just one thing that's ticking me off a little. I'm getting sick of the same old songs being added to the games.
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Here’s the First Look at Rock Band 4’s Gameplay

IGN has had exclusive dibs on various little bits of information for Rock Band 4, first we learned about some new features coming to the game, then the first six songs were revealed, and now we've finally seen how the game will look in action and it looks fairly unremarkable.
Rock Band 4

Here are the First Six Tracks in Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 is slowly being revealed and teased over at IGN for the next month or so, already we've heard about some of the new and unique features coming to the game, but we're missing a few things. What the game will play like, and what songs we'll be playing.

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