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Epic Games Acquires Rocket League Developer

Late last night Epic Games announced that it had acquired Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League, leaving the game's future on Steam in question. This,...

Rocket League Finally Gets Cross Platform Parties

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League players across all platforms can now join each other in parties in the game. Rocket League received cross-platform multiplayer...

Rocket League Cross Party Play Bridges the Gap Ahead of Season...

As Rocket League’s ninth competitive season draws to a close, Psyonix has started their huge spring clean as February welcomes the beginning of Season...
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Rocket League is now Fully Cross-Platform

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced that their full cross-platform functionality is now available and players from all platforms can now play together. Following Sony...
Rocket League RC Rivals Set

Rocket League RC Rivals Set from Hot Wheels Hits Stores in...

Rocket League developer Psyonix and long-time toy creator Hot Wheels has announced the release date for their Rocket League RC Rivals Set which is the closest thing to the game in real life.

Rocket League’s Halloween Event Begins Next Week

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League's Halloween event, Haunted Hallows, is set to land in the game on October 15.

Rocket League Gets Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary DLC

Rocket League is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with a special DLC pack featuring 3 new cars, decals, and some new Hot Wheels themed creature toppers!

Rocket League Progression Update is Here, Rocket Pass Dated

Psyonix has finally released the Progression Update for Rocket League which is set to change the way players level up in the game.
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Rocket League Ultimate Edition Announced

Psyonix has announced the upcoming launch of the Rocket League Ultimate Edition that'll bring together the base game and all content in a nice neat package.

Rocket League 2 Isn’t Happening, Working on Games-as-Service

Rocket League won't be getting a sequel any time soon as developer Psyonix is working on making the current game a games-as-service title.

Jurassic Park Jeep is Coming to Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix has today announced a partnership with Universal and Jeep to bring some more exclusive Jurassic World vehicles to the game. The...

Rocket League Summer 2018 Roadmap Includes Cross Platform Party Support

Rocket League is set to get cross-platform party support this summer that'll allow players from different platforms to finally jump into a game together. There's also the planned arrival of a Rocket Pass.

Rocket League’s Spring Update Arrives on April 3

Psyonix has announced that the big Spring Update, also known as the Tournaments Update, for Rocket League will be arriving on all platforms on April 3.

DC Comics Vehicle and Items to Come to Rocket League

Psyonix and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has unveiled that Rocket League will be getting DC Comic-themed vehicles and items via the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack.
Rocket League Sells 10.5 Million, No Sequel Planned

Rocket League Spring Development Roadmap Details Upcoming Features

Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed the Spring 2018 development road map for the game which highlights when some anticipated features are set to arrive, including some visual improvements on Switch.

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