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Rocket League PS4/Xbox One Cross Compatibility is Ready to Go… If...

Rocket League developers Psyonix has cracked cross-compatibility between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and say that they'd be able to activate it within hours. The only thing we need is a nod from Sony.
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Rocket League Now Has 19 Million Players

With Rocket League celebrating its first birthday this month, Psyonix has a lot to celebrate. Now however there's some more icing on that cake as the developers have revealed that the game now has 19 million players.

Rocket League is Kicking it Old School with Vinyl Soundtrack Release

Psyonix has this week unveiled something for the old-school vinyl fans out there: Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection, a 3 LP 180-gram album which contains Volumes 1 and 2 of the game's soundtrack.
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Rocket League Gets CS:GO-like Crate System, Will Avoid Gambling Wormhole

Here's an interesting development... Over the weekend, Rocket League players found images pointing to the car football game getting a possible new feature that'd introduce a key and crate system to the game, similar to that found in CS:GO.

Rocket League Celebrates its First Birthday Next Week

Blimey time has flown by. Did you know it's been almost a year since Rocket League launched on PC and PlayStation 4? Me neither!

Rocket League is Turning Japanese with Biggest Update Yet

Psyonix has this week revealed that their car football game Rocket League is set to get the largest update "in the game's history," which is set to arrive pretty soon, on June 20.

Xbox Live and Rocket League are Free This Weekend

Ahead of E3 Microsoft has announced that this weekend, Xbox Live will be free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this weekend allowing players to head online without paying a subscription fee.
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Five Co-op Games (and Modes) We’ve Put Too Much Time Into

Both my wife and I love to play video games and more often than not, we keep a keen eye out for games which offer co-operative play. For the past decade we've been playing games together from the Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One, so we've seen our fair share.
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Rocket League’s Next Update Introduces Trading System

One of the more addictive and appealing parts of Rocket League, aside from its gameplay, is how no matter what, whether you win or lose, you'll be rewarded with an in-game item, such as a hat, or a lick of paint. Sometimes however, when you've got your eye on a particular prize, what you actually receive can be quite disappointing.
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Rocket League’s Next DLC is a Blast from the Past

Psynoix has unveiled the next DLC for their car sports game (because it's no longer about football), and it's a throwback to the past.
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Rocket League has Earned Psyonix $110 Million

Following the fairly lukewarm reception of Psyonix's first car football game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League's budget of $2 million may have seemed like a bit of a risk, but after launching on PC and PlayStation 4 in July last year, the game has become a huge success.

Rocket League gets Cross Platform Play on Xbox One / PC

The Xbox One version of Rocket League is now cross platform compatible with PC, developer Psyonix announced today.

Rocket League Collector’s Edition Gets a New Trailer

Here's the low down, we know Rocket League is getting a limited physical collector's edition and that it'll come with four exclusive cars, what we don't know is what else we'll be getting... but here's a new trailer anyway.

SWISH! Rocket League’s Hoops Game Mode Launches Next Week

We already know Rocket League is getting a swanky new Basketball mode, but what we didn't know was when it'd actually arrive. Fortunately, we don't have too long to wait as Psyonix has revealed that the new Hoops mode will be launching on April 26.

Rocket League’s Collector’s Edition is Launching this June

Remember when Psyonix announced that Rocket League would be getting a physical release this Summer? Well good news, we now have a more detailed release date as well as some info about what extra goodies will be coming with it.

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