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TGA 2015: Rocket League is Coming to Xbox One Next Year

Good news Xbox One players, the critically acclaimed overnight hit that is Rocket League, will finally be gracing its presence on the Xbox One in February next year!


Sweet freaking Christmas! Rocket League could be coming to Xbox One, and I've almost just wet myself.

Rocket League PC Gets some Portal-themed Goodies

Rocket League developer, Psyonix, has announced a partnership with Valve to bring Portal-themed goodies to the game later this week including Antenna Accessories and Rocket Trails.

Rocket League ‘Chaos Run’ DLC coming December 1st

On December 1st, the next paid DLC for Rocket League, called Chaos Run, will be released with a slew of new items, cars, music, and even a new arena.
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Rocket League ‘Winter Event’ brings Hockey for the holidays

Out-of-nowhere PS4 hit Rocket League is continuing to receive a steady stream of free updates and DLC from developer Psyonix.

Rocket League Gets Wacky with Free “Mutators” DLC

Psyonix has today unveiled plans for a brand new free update for Rocket League which brings some pretty wacky features to the surprising car-based football title... or should I say, car-based hockey?

Marty McFly’s DeLorean hitting Rocket League

If your still playing Rocket League or thinking of jumping back in then get ready for some new DLC, the DeLorean from Back to the Future as a playable car.
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Rocket League’s Next DLC is ‘Revenge of the Battle-Cars’

Psyonix Games has this week unveiled the second DLC pack for Rocket League, their fast paced car-based sports title which has become insanely popular.
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Rocket League is Definitely Coming to Other Platforms

It seems the reason for Rocket League's fairly limited release was all down to developers Psyonix being a fairly small team and nothing to do with having an exclusive deal with Sony, I'm sure.

First DLC Drop for Rocket League Detalied

The first batch of DLC has been unveiled for Rocket League, and no matter what your stance is on DLC, you've got to admit, Psyonix has done it right. It's set to land on PlayStation 4 and Steam later this month.
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Rocket League has Shifted 4 Million Copies

Rocket League has become an overnight hit, launching on PC and PlayStation 4, with the latter version being part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, in just a few weeks the game has shifted 4 million copies. Oddly, the developer originally didn't want it to be a part of PS Plus...
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Rocket League Could be Coming to Xbox One

Like me, have you been hearing everyone talk about a game called Rocket League? Have you been seeing all of the gifs, images, and videos of epic shots? Have you been wondering exactly when Rocket League will be coming to Xbox One? Well so have I. Fortunately it could be happening, maybe.

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