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There’s ANOTHER Angry Birds Movie on the way

Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced that they're making a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie.
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A Second Angry Birds Movie is Incoming…

Columbia Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced The Angry Birds Movie 2 which is set to hit theatres on September 20, 2019.

Rovio Launches new Studio, Working on Non-Angry Bird IP

Rovio, the company behind the once popular Angry Birds franchise, has unveiled a brand new studio based in London that'll be dedicated to developing massively multiplayer online games.
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Angry Birds 2 Review

Angry Birds 2 is the latest in Rovio's remarkably successful franchise. The game is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store and it gets my recommendation, here's why.
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Angry Birds 2 hits 20 Million Downloads

Despite the game being chock full of unnecessary in-app purchases and wait times, Angry Birds 2 is already being deemed a massive success having hit 20 million downloads in just a few days.
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Angry Birds 2 Has Been Downloaded over 10 Million Times

Just in case you missed it, last week Rovio released Angry Birds 2 onto the App Store and Google Play, the 15th entry into the Angry Birds series, and already the free-to-play bird flinging game has passed 10 million downloads.
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Rovio has Just Announced Angry Birds 2

The original Angry Birds is getting a sequel, developer and publisher Rovio has announced today. If you're confused however, considering the sheer amount of Angry Birds titles available, you're not alone.
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LEGO Angry Birds is a Real Thing, Launching 2016

I thought the point of LEGO was to build things? I'm a little baffled as to why the two companies have partnered together? What's the aim here, spend hours building amazing structures only to toss plastic birds at your building until it topples? Actually... that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Angry Birds Developer Rovio is in a Flap after Financial Plunge

Finnish mobile developer and publisher Rovio, most widely known for their creation of the Angry Birds franchise and brand, has seen profits fall across the board for the 2014 financial year, reports Reuters. The company's total consolidated full-year revenue was also down by 9 per cent, year-on-year.
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Angry Bird Transformers Now Available on Google Play!

Rovio's latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise is now available on Google Play, Angry Birds Transformers launched on iOS a few weeks ago now and those of us on Android have been eagerly awaiting the run-and-gun title to launch on Android and now that day is here!
Rovio Retry

Rovio Tries to Tap into the Impossible Game Trend with ‘RETRY’

Following the unprecedented success of games like Flappy Bird and Timberman, Rovio are hoping to cash in on this 'impossible game' trend and are putting their new publishing arm LVL 11 to good use with their new game RETRY, an insanely simple yet frustratingly impossible game where the player is required to get their pixelated plane from one runway to another.
angry birds transformersvideo

Angry Birds Transformers Gets its First Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds Transformers is the next crossover Angry Birds title similar to Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Rio. As you might expect, everyone's favourite frustrated feathered friends have been given a Transformers makeover with the angry red bird taking the role of Optimus Prime.
angry birds transformers

So, ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ is a Thing That’ll be Happening Soon..

Angry Birds Star Wars is one of the many successes Rovio have seen with partnering with other companies and it doesn't look like its going to end there. In a recent partnership with Hasbro, Finnish developers, Rovio, are merging the world of Transformers into the Angry Birds universe with Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Stella Lands on Mobile in September

Angry Birds developer Rovio has revealed more on their upcoming Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Stella, which is set to land on mobile in September. Angry Birds Stella is "fun, feisty and always up for a challenge" says the developers, and will be joined by five friends on Golden Island, a new location in the Angry Birds universe.

Rovio Establish New Publishing Arm LVL11, a “Magical Place” For the...

Earlier this week Rovio revealed that they'd established a brand new publishing arm, LVL11, which will allow the company to release new IP's and experimental titles that are separate from the Angry Birds brand, according to executive vice president of the company's global games operations Jami Laes.

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